How Is the Global Pandemic Impacting the Casino Stocks?

The lockdown has also brought significant changes and other great impacts on the gambling industry and the casino stocks. Although the land-based casino may be shut for some time now, this might lead to an increase in the popularity of online casino games.  Also, the remote gambling sector will still offer you a with a full set of services which will make the impact less. The online gambling websites prove to be a saviour at times like this as they are equipped with all the facilities that make it easier for the casino owners to handle business. As most of the well-established casinos have their own unique platform, it has become easier to pick up extra business. Also, with a number of online casino stocks, it is helping the casinos to still thrive in such a situation.

How Is the Global Pandemic Impacting the Casino Stocks?

Why is the casino industry so popular?

The casino industry has been one of the most popular and consistent industries, and without no doubt, this industry has remained strong for an exceptionally long time. Also, with much popularity of the casino industry, it has undergone much of the evolutionary development, and each of these developments seems to add up to make the industry flourish and become one of the most consistent industries. However, with the introduction of online casino games, it has become easier for the casino lovers to play casino online with a lot of options on the casino slot games. The popularity of the casino industry is booming because entertainment is an aspect that will always continue to grow, and it will hold its ground in every way. Similarly, the casino industry has largely contributed to the entertainment industry, and with more and more developments, it is still growing every day.

Covid-19 and casino stocks

The recent outbreak of Covid-19 virus has created havoc all around the world, and it has affected the casino industry as well with the shutdown of the land-based casinos. As the casino gambling industry will see a decline in the profits, other forms of gambling seem to be suffering as well. Not only this, but the sports betting industry has also experienced a downturn as well. There are many live casino games and sports events which have been suspended. However, few sports leagues are still active and are still keeping the options open for the casino lovers. However, since the recent lockdown has created a lot of problems and the entertainment industries are trying its best to realign with the current situation. This has led to the rise of different types of casino landscape with the advancement of digitization and technological advancement. Although online casinos existed before the ongoing pandemic, the lockdown and the self-isolation laws have led to the booming rise in the casino stocks and the online casino landscape especially in areas where casinos have represented a unique entertainment culture.

Increase in online casino stocks

Since the land-based casinos are closed for the time being but online casinos are always available for offering you with all the entertainment services. However, if these measures continue for a long time, there might be a high increase in mobile casino games in the UK.  It has been seen that the individuals who spent their time playing online casino table games are likely to visit the online casino sites even more during the lockdown as they are encouraged with a variety of games available in the website which seems to fill up the void of their boredom.

How Is the Global Pandemic Impacting the Casino Stocks?

Due to the virus outbreak, many online casinos have emerged before this crisis, and many of the land-based casinos are coming online in order to hold their business in position. However, most of the casino lovers can now play casino games from the best online casino in the UK without any fear of breaking the law, which seems to restrict physical gambling. Also, the online gambling market has a lot of revenue generated with the use of desktop and mobile devices, and it consists of various gaming establishments such as poker games, online blackjack casino etc.

With the help of technologies such as Blockchain and VR, there are a lot of changes in the field of online casinos. This has made it possible for you to enjoy and get the gambling experience without having to travel to a long distance. However, in case of frauds and cheating, there are many casino sites that have been held accused of not being transparent. But with the help of blockchain technology, the players can now see what is happening behind the scenes, and therefore these technologies have made a big impact in the online gambling market.

However, it can be said that the casino industry has not totally gone down with the availability of an online version of the casino. By playing the online version, you get a lot of options of games, and you also get the best payout online casino in the UK. So, you can visit these sites and enjoy gambling amidst lockdown.

Amazing Bingo facts that are sure to captivate you!

Bingo is a game that has been extremely popular all over the world over the years. It is a classic game that has weaved a lot of stories with experiences of people across the globe. There are a lot of facts related to bingo and plenty of instances to share about the exciting and rich past of the game and its evolution with time. If you are a big Bingo fan, you will surely be intrigued by the Bingo facts presented here. Bingo jackpots have always been popular and exciting. Online Bingo games are being preferred by a lot of people as they can avail offers and discounts as well as earn rewards sitting right at their homes in comfort and solace.

Here, we ‘re going to dive into some of the fascinating elements in the history of the 

the game, take a look back at its beginnings before exploring some of the key Bingo facts and figures that have emerged over the years.

Amazing Bingo facts that are sure to captivate you!

Bingo facts – History and Lore

The past time Bingo has been around for quite a while. The following instances reveal how old is bingo, and it will definitely surprise you.

Bingo is:

  • 442 years older than Magnavox Odyssey’s first game console (1972) 
  • 455 years older than the first game of Super Mario Bros console (1985) 
  • 482 years older than one of the greatest hits in mobile casino gaming, Candy Crush (2012)

Bingo is said to have been developed in Italy in the 1530s. Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia is believed to have been a lottery game that bears more than a mild resemblance to the Bingo Online game that we know and absolutely loves to date.

Growth around the globe

From Italy, the game of Bingo and its concept started spreading to the rest of the world. It was played in France in 1770s after Italy as per some credible sources of reports.

How did the game get its name?

The biggest moment of the game was probably when the toymaker Edwin S Lowe discovered it. While it was then known as ‘beano,’ he went on to develop his own version, and inadvertently shouted ‘Bingo’ after a player! ‘To signify that she won, the name is said to have been stuck.

After this incident, the game spread rapidly and was played widely all around the world, with a significantly large following in the UK.

How did the game get deployed online?

As the years passed by, the popularity started decreasing gradually with several other games being launched and played every now and then. After decades, the game got its life back when there was an emergence felt for online bingo services. Bingo Zone is believed to have been the first website to offer the game when it was launched in 1996 but has since been followed by many other, much more sophisticated online Bingo in UK providers.

Amazing Bingo facts that are sure to captivate you!

With the advent of internet facilities and technologies, it became possible to play Bingo online with the game available to play on smartphones and tablets games. It became hugely popular, while many bingo sites also feature slot games for playing.

Top Bingo facts by numbers

  • 70,080 was the number of people who took part in the biggest Bingo game ever which was held in Bogota, Columbia in December 0f 2006 and made it to the Guinness Book of world records.
  • 493,824 people played Bingo online to make it recorded as the biggest web Bingo game by an online Bingo generator in September 2010. The organizer was Coca – Cola Japan, and the location was in Tokyo, Japan.
  • A cleaner in the UK named Soraya Lowell won £1,167,795 in a Bingo game. It is said to be the biggest sum ever won in a UK Bingo hall.

Top Bingo facts by country

  • Germany: Bingo became a hit in Germany in the late 1800s, and the concept of winning the game has been used to support the education of mathematics and spellings in the past.
  • USA: The first modern version of bingo was created in the USA. It remains a popular game till date and has been operated by churches and charitable organisations too over the years.
  • Romania: The game was introduced in Romania in the early 1900s, but it eventually became the number 2 country rank wise, when it comes to the popularity of bingo.
  • Japan: Bingo was introduced in Japan in an online manner, and it is currently the second-largest market for the web-based versions of the game.

Ten Slot Winning Tips to Help You Optimize Your Bankroll

Slot machine games online are one of the most popular casino games. Slot winning is entirely dependent on chance, and hence every player has got some odds over winning. The slot machine games online are extremely preferred as they are very convenient as they make it possible to gamble at any point in time. They are designed in various themes and have different visuals and sound effects which increase the player’s excitement. The slot online games have close to ninety per cent payout. Even the best Mobile casino games have options for minimum bets which can be afforded by almost anyone and can be played even by those who do not have any prior experience of gambling. Let us now look at ten tips to play slot games which can increase the chances of slot winning.

Ten Slot Winning Tips to Help You Optimize Your Bankroll

1) Saving for that weekend casino session

Slot machines from time to time come up with various promotional offers. If one has been keeping some extra cash aside for a couple of weeks, then there should be enough money to play on the desired slot machine at any point. Also, one can avail promotional offers which are said to be in favor of the gamblers.

2) Not forgetting the players club card

Casinos have many complimentary offers for their active players. They look at the track record of the games which the players have played and then decide on that basis that who are the ones who are eligible for the offers. Using the club card will enable the casinos to track the games one has played, and hence the players stand a chance of winning free money along with slot winning.

3) Carefully choosing the slot machine to play

Every slot machine is different in one or more aspects. They differ in the way they look, their theme designs, their symbols, their visual effects, and their soundtracks. Every slot machine displays the symbols and the equivalent points in their home screens. The players are advised to choose the slot machine with a higher RTP (return to player) rates. The best paying mobile slot games are the ones with higher RTP rates.

4) Practising with the free slot games available

It is advisable to play some free games initially before investing real money into the games. This will help in a better understanding of the games and help in making some strategies to try out. Playing slots that have bonus rounds can definitely help in skill improvement.

Ten Slot Winning Tips to Help You Optimize Your Bankroll

5) Not missing out on casino promotions

To capture more attention and increase participation, the casinos come up with tempting promotional offers like tournaments, special drawings, and multiple point days. Availing these offers can help win some extra money.

6) Tracking continuously by maintaining a game log

Documenting one’s losses and wins is a great way to have some insights to figure out what went wrong and what can be improved. Many slot winning players have this practice, and there are also apps available on the play store to make the process easier, faster, and more organized.

7) Having a budget and sticking to it

The existing funds kept aside for playing the casino games should be kept in check. There should not be cases of impulsive playing as it will lead to overspending or wrong choices. The money not intended to lose should not be utilized to play the bets.

8) Paying attention to paytable

The slot machines have their unique pay tables which display the value of each symbol, which ones are the most popular and their types.

9) Playing with an alert state of mind

Playing when tired or drowsy can lead to wrong decisions when playing online slot games. It requires a clear thinking and rational decision making about when to progress with the current game, when to switch the slot game, how much amount to bet etc. Slot winning chances can be enhanced if the games are played with a focused mindset.

10) Devising a game plan

Right away plunging into several games is something that can backfire. Playing slot games in a calculated manner increases the efficiency of the performance. Aspects like the budget for playing, shortlisting the slot categories to try, etc. are advised to be considered before starting the game in order to increase the chances of slot winning.

These were some tips for increasing the chances of slot winning and following them can help one optimize the bankroll.

What does it take to become a high roller in online gaming?

A High Roller if read in detail refers to a ‘star’ or ‘hero’ in the world of a gamble. Often, High Rollers are the ‘whales’ in the gambling world. So basically a high roller is distinguished from the other players, the reason being that a high roller consistently bets a large amount of money. Due to this consistency or loyalty of wagering a heavy amount of money, he is given this title of being a ‘High Roller’. With the title there often follow some perks. If we see land-based casinos, they enjoy perks like they are offered private jets for an easy commute, the top suites available in the casinos, also higher credits are available and many others. Now if we see in case of high rollers online games, the perks may obviously vary as compared to the land-based casino games.

What does it take to become a high roller in online gaming?

Why the High Rollers tag?

This tag comes with a special motive, for the player as well as the casinos. These are the players who possess high-end skills and love for casino games and most importantly, their pockets allow them to spend lavishly on these games. Such players are like a blessing in disguise to the Casinos. Also, by offering perks to them it is a win-win situation as for the casino the loyalty of these customers will be maintained as they would be motivated, this will be like a cherry on the cake situation. As for the players, they already are the masters, offering perks to them acts like a lubricant for them to continue the gameplay.

The definition of high rollers is not limited to one, but basically high rollers are the ones who not only have the skill and expertise but a lot of money to try the different permutations and combinations. They do not fear losing money as compared to other players. They enjoy an altogether different status in their world. It will not be wrong to say that High Rollers are the Celebrities of the gambling world.

Welcome to the world of a High Roller

The High Roller perks though different in the online world and the land-based casinos, but they do enjoy privileges.

If we see in case of mobile casino games or mobile live casinos in order to be considered as a high roller, the prescribed amount to be deposited is $10,000 at major platforms.

The more they play, the more the benefits. Amongst the many perks following are the few they enjoy:

  • The pay-out times are faster as compared to other players. Waiting in the queue is not what they have generally experienced.
  • They are offered many gifts and rewards.
  • There are different casino platforms available for High Rollers.
  • They have access to some amazing events which are available only to high-end players and not for all the players.
  • After all, who does not like the fame game. Along with perks comes the coveted status.

What does it take to become a high roller in online gaming?

What does it take to earn the privileged status?

Rome was not built in a day; likewise, it is not possible to become a high roller in just a game. One has to be consistent; also, the casino should feel he has the potential to enjoy that privilege.

If a person bets $1000 per hand, he is obviously going to get better treatment than the one who bets $100.

Also, it is not as simple as one big bet, and there you go, of course, you have to do better than that.

So what one can do to get the tag in a nutshell:

  • The larger the bet, the more you get: So yes, the fundamental is the more you bet, the more is the probability of you reaching the eye. This is standard even in new slot games
  • A hefty deposit may help: How much should one deposit, there is no particular standard to that; however, some platforms, for instance, may consider $50,000; some may raise the bar to $ 1, 00,000.
  • The first impression is important: It is often said the first impression is the last impression. High rollers usually place big bets at the beginning to make a mark and also at the end to leave a mark.
  • Enter the VIP Club: In the case of online casinos, they have a separate VIP Club where they offer loyalty points, and the perks are determined accordingly.
  • Choose the right platform: Choosing the right platform is super important; if you play at smaller casinos, you stand a larger chance by betting huge.

Is the gain worth the pain?

After all, this one would think that is it really worth to get this title? Well, high rollers are rewarded with so many incentives; basically, casinos, online or land-based would take care of you like a VIP. Isn’t a sponsored trip to a resort or travel in a jet plane worth it?

Online platforms that offer the features of a live casino in the UK or live casino online amongst the others offer great benefits. So, let us fasten up the seat belt of the coaster to spin the title of the High Roller.

List of Popular Online Casino Games That Offer the Lowest House Edge

When scrolling through the games lobby of an online casino, you’ll find hundreds of casino titles that have some exciting features and offer the best payouts. Online gambling sites offer you classic casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, Baccarat, Mobile casino and Bingo. Also, they offer a wide variety of slot machine and video slots games.

Before you start playing these games, it’s important to know their house edge, as casino games with a low house edge tend to have a higher chance of winning money. When the house edge of a game is high, it’s disadvantageous for you as a player.

So, we have compiled a list of the casino games that offer the lowest house edge.

List of Popular Online Casino Games That Offer the Lowest House Edge


With a knowledge of the basic rules of Blackjack and by implementing the correct strategy, players can easily reduce the house edge to 1%. The strategy will be based on certain rules that will take into account the player’s pair of cards alongside the dealer’s upcard, and inform the player how to proceed.

In order to reduce the house edge even further, find a Blackjack game where only a single deck of cards is being used. As there is less variant in cards, the house edge reduces significantly.

The exact house edge depends on the variant being played and the cards dealt, but there is a significant difference between a single deck game and a two-deck game.


Just like online Blackjack UK, there are a number of poker variants, each with its own rules and house edge. If you want to play a low-risk poker game, you can try the Three Card Poker.

You can also play the Jacks or Better which has a low house edge of 0.46%. This assumes that the game is full pay and you’re using a basic strategy. If you play without a strategy, the edge is bigger for the casino, so make sure you have a strategy sheet when playing.


The game of Baccarat is quite popular at land-based and online casinos alike. It has one of the lowest house edges of all casino games, and unlike Blackjack, this is relatively unaffected by the number of decks being used at the table.

While some online casinos offer single deck Baccarat, the most common variant of the game uses six or eight decks, which offers a house edge of 1.06% on Bankers bet and 1.24% on Players bet. However, when playing online casino Baccarat games, it’s best to avoid betting on a tie between the two, as the house edge soars to 4.93% on a bet tie of 9:1 and 14.4% on a bet tie of 8:1.

List of Popular Online Casino Games That Offer the Lowest House Edge

European Roulette

Unlike other casino games like Blackjack or Poker that involve the element of skill, Roulette is a game of pure chance. Also, it has one of the lowest house edges, but only for the European version. The difference between the European and the American variant is that the latter’s wheel has an extra pocket, bringing the total number of pockets to 38, one more than the European version.

Yet the payout for a single win number on both games is same at 35-1. The one additional pocket decreases the odds of winning and increases the house edge from 2.7% to 5.26%.


Despite the payouts not being as good as Blackjack and Poker, Slots are the most popular games at online casinos. The competition in the industry to offer the best slot games means that game providers are constantly adding extra features and bonus rounds. To reduce the house edge, you must seek out for those features, as they often make a significant difference between winning and losing.

It would literally take days or even months to try out all the different slot games, so make sure you check out the best online slot games.