10 Surprising Facts about James Dean

James Dean was a very popular actor, but had a very short life. The world lost this brilliant actor when he was just 24 years old. But even in his short-lived presence in the world of movies, he surely made a mark, and his vibe still exists in the form of James Dean slots. Dedicated to this brilliant actor, James Dean slots is inspired from his roles as a cool guy, which he actually was!

James Dean slots game

  1. 1. His two front teeth were fake!

Considering his fan following even in his short-lived career, James Dean had more of female fan following. And we do not blame them, he was really good looking! But who knew the gorgeous smile is actually backed by two fake teeth? In an accident in his family’s barn, James lost his front teeth and got fake ones implanted.

  1. 2. He was near-sighted!

What? He wore glasses too? It seems what looks perfect from a distance was not actually flawless.

  1. 3. He got his first break in the industry with a soft drink’s commercial.

Before he became popular as a rebellious teenager on-screen, he was seen in a famous soft drink ad!

  1. 4. He had insomnia.

Wow, this is interesting! A young man with fame and success in hand, and still an insomniac? Now this is really surprising!

  1. 5. He loved playing Bongos.

No, he wasn’t just a good actor, but was into music as well! A perfect artist, after all.

  1. 6. His favourite song was ‘When your lover has gone’.

He might look cool in his avatar, but he surely did have a soft heart. This is authenticated by his taste in music, after all Billie Holiday touched many hearts then and still does now with his eternal music. We are not surprised that James loved him too!

  1. 7. He died in accident a month before his most popular movie was released.

Sad enough, James was not alive when the world appreciated his work in ‘Rebel without a Cause’. The movie did fairly well at the box office, but James was not around to witness the success of it.

  1. 8. He was issued a speeding ticket before the accident.

James loved his cars and the speed they were capable of. He was issued a speeding ticket just two hours before he met with the accident that claimed his life. His love for cars is also reflected in James Dean slots.

  1. 9. He was not alone in the car at the time of accident.

James was accompanied by his mechanic, Rolf Wuetherich. Rolf survived the accident with major injuries, but James could not.

  1. 10. He was nominated twice in the Academy Awards.

Just two movies old and he was nominated in the most prestigious awards! What an achievement!

James Dean was truly a legend in his time. Though he had a very short life, but made sure he will be remembered for long. And with James Dean slots available to play, it is undeniable that he was really a favourite of many.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Best Chinese-themed Slots

The whole world celebrates New Year on the first of January, but the Chinese have their own age old traditions to follow, and so they celebrate their new year according to the lunisolar Chinese calendar. It is good to follow the traditions of other regions once in a while, and even the slot addicts can do so in their own way – by playing the best Chinese-themed slots on Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Chinese-themed Slots are Different and Vibrant!

Whenever we think about China, the colour red pops up in our mind and that is so because this colour is held with high regard in their festivals. While the whole world might be busy with the Valentines, the Chinese are preparing for their New Year. Following the traditions of their ancestors, this festival is celebrated not only in China, but surrounding countries as well. Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines too consider it as an important festival.

Chinese themed slots games

So what if you cannot be physically present there to enjoy the New Year, you can still be a part of the far east land by playing Chinese-themed slots like Lucky 88, Emperor’s Garden, and Choy Sun Doa on Jackpot Mobile Casino and add a little flavour of China to your gambling life! There may be many other Asian themed slots, but there is something about the oriental theme that attracts us more.

The Chinese believe in the number 8 as it depicts luck and immortality and hence Lucky 88 slots. This slot has the jackpot 888 coins and if your lucky number is 8, then is the one to try for. Emperor’s Garden slots game is the one which is a very calm slot where you get to stroll in a typical Chinese garden and experience the soul-touching peace. And if you still believe you need to get more into the oriental east, try your hands on the amazing Choy Sun Doa slots game. Running successfully since its launch, this slot will certainly take you into the interiors of China and close to their traditions.

Chinese-themed slots might be very few in number, but they are very entertaining and rewarding! You are showered with gold coins even in the smallest of wins. Chinese New Year is just an excuse to give you a taste of the real Chinese traditions and lots of gold coins. Whether the golden dragon attracts you, or the amazing and unique features, Chinese-themed slots are astounding! Order in from your favourite Chinese take-away, sip on fresh Chinese tea, and start spinning on the amazing slots now! Find them only on Jackpot Mobile Casino!


It’s Money Mayhem at Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Jackpot Mobile Casino believes in giving priority to its members at all times. And as a part of that process, we keep on bringing in great promotions so that our loyal members get that special treatment they deserve. So here we come with yet another exciting promotion – Money Mayhem!

Money Mayhem has Some Exciting Bonuses to Offer!

Money Mayhem is basically a whole week of madness where the money will literally shower over you! Of course if you play it right! From 18th February to 24th February 2016, there is lot to be won and you cannot afford to miss it. All you have to do is play more, and win more. The bonuses will not stop, and so shouldn’t you.

Start by depositing a minimum of £100 in your Jackpot Mobile Casino account and wager it on your favourite slot games. Whether you like the traditional slots like Twin Spin, or you have a thing for interesting themes like Mexican or Egyptian, now is the time to play like there is no tomorrow. If you have been watching new slots being added and have not tried them yet, now is the time to do so! Solve the mystery with Fantasini, or dive into the deep sea with Ariana! All this while you win an initial bonus of £20! And you can use this bonus in any of the games of Jackpot Mobile Casino, because that is what Money Mayhem is all about!

Money Mayhem

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If you still have any doubts regarding this promotion, get in touch with our team and we will be happy to help! Happy Gambling and get the madness going with Money Mayhem.

Top 10 Facts you Didn’t Know About the Aliens Movie

Aliens was one groundbreaking film when it was released way back in 1979. Sci-fi was a genre that was just getting explored back then and adding an element of horror, action and suspense was something that people didn’t quite expect back at the time. But after its release, the movie did inspire a lot of other filmmakers to bring about their own version of the extraterrestrial visitors and this is itself one of the biggest credits that Ridley Scott, the maker can bow down to.

Jaw-dropping Facts of Aliens Movie

There are some little known facts behind the making of the movie, and these facts about the Aliens movie can leave you awestruck and even make you rent a tape to revisit it.

  • It was Harrison Ford who was initially considered for the role of Dallas. But the actor turned it down and it passed on to Tom Skerritt. But when it comes to the role of Ellen Ripley, there was some really stiff competition between Sigourney Weaver and Meryl Streep but it eventually went over to Sigourney Weaver.
  • The eggs you see in the movie or more or less Kane sees in the movie was not exactly made of plastic or other cheap substitutes. For realistic effects, Ridley Scott made use of cattle hearts and stomach.
  • If you remember the famous facehugger scene in the movie then you probably might be surprised when you find out that the tail you see is actually sheep intestine!
  • The movie is ranked at No.7 in AFI’s 10 greatest sci-fi movies and the famous chest bursting scene in it is one among the top 100 scariest movie clips ever.
  • A keen seeker of originality, only Ridley Scott knew the exact details of the chest bursting scene and left the actors to experience things themselves and used 4 cameras and just a single shot to make sure that their expressions and shock was captured and no modifications could he made to keep things pristine.
  • The original illustration of the alien in the movie Aliens has eyes. But to make it look heartless the beast was given a furious look and no eyes.
  • The slime used in the movie was K-Y Jelly.
  • If you think those tendons looked realistic and Ridley ripped through dead bodies for it, you’re wrong! Those tendons are made of shredded condoms!
  • Ridley Scott made Yaphet Kotto annoy Weaver behind screens so that there would be great on screen tension between the two.
  • The actual Aliens movie was set to have a very dark ending where the Alien rips off Ripley’s head and uses her vocal chords to send a message to the earth. But the Universal Studios didn’t want things to go that dark and so the movie’s ending was altered.

aliens slot game

If you ever feel a burning desire to relive the excitement of the movie, then you can consider playing the Aliens slot game from NetEnt. The progressive slot game has 3 levels with the ultimate aim of destroying the infestation. Playable from 15p to £150 per spin, the game has some pretty amazing features. With an RTP of 96.4% and a 3817 coin jackpot the game is as rewarding as it is entertaining.

Sneak a Peek into our Game Launches

So a little birdie told you that Jackpot Mobile Casino is launching some new online casino slots? Well, you heard right and this time things are going to be better than ever because quite a bit of themes have been pushed in through these slot games to explore the new and still get as rich as you did with the old ones.

New Online Casino Slots are Just Irresistible

With 6 new games, and each getting better than the last, all you need to do is deposit and start finding out which one you like the best.

Latest Online slots

Big Foot

Camping is never complete without a Big Foot story and that’s why we have put in this camping themed slot game with the big foot in it. The shy giant maybe hard to find in real life but you’ll see plenty of it in this game from NextGen. With a jackpot of 5000 coins and some really great features like wilds, free spins bonuses and even a pick and click game in it, Big Foot certainly belongs with the list of our new online casino slots.

The Snake Charmer

If you think that Big Foot is the only NextGen game in our new online casino slots, then you’re wrong. Get ready to be charmed by The Snake Charmer slot. With an ethnic touch and some Indian music in the background, the game lets you charm your fortunes. With wilds and an amazing scatter that can give you up to 10 free spins, the game gives you a reward of 5000 coins when you land the charmer on all t reels.

Lucky 88

Hop on a plane and travel to China because that is where our next member of the new online casino slots comes from. Anyone familiar with the country knows that the number 8 is considered the luckiest in Chinese culture. Spin on Lucky 88 slots to find out if it is lucky for you.  Since the game has some great features like the gamble feature, wilds, free spins and a jackpot of 888 coins, odds are luck might just favour you.

Oil Mania

In a time of dire need for the black gold, it only seems right that a slot game dedicated to the oil fields must be on one of our new online casino slots. Join the business tycoon in his golden car as he travels from one oil rig to the next, looking for the best place to invest his money into. With random wilds, free spins and even a gamble feature, the game has some really good perks to look forward to. With a 95.5% RTP and a 2500 coin jackpot, Oil Mania is a must play from NextGen

Dolphin Gold

If you are looking for some underwater action to beat the heat, then we have just the game for you. Dolphin Gold is an underwater slot game with an open ocean feel to it. Filled with features such as stacked wilds, and free spins the game also has a multiplier in the free spins round to give you some great riches. The jackpot you can expect out of this game is a whooping 15,700 coins!

Emperor’s Garden

And finally, after all the action from these slots you need one more game to relax and that’s why Emperor’s Garden is a part of our new online casino slots. The game is set on a Chinese Emperor’s Garden and all you need to do is find some symbols the emperor has hidden in the reels to get big wins. The game has random wilds as well as multiplying free spins. The game also has a great jackpot worth 5000 coins.

Understanding the Casino Terms And Conditions

Playing at an online casino is a risky endeavour for both the players and the establishments. There is lot of risk involved in how the establishments will protect their financial interests. You don’t want to get broke in trying to pay all the players who have won at their casinos.

There is a lot of bonus abuse going on, where the players avail the bonuses and promotional offers, by just registering at the online casinos. Once the free casino money is finished, they will run through the door; with the wins obtained from the bonuses.

This is a big loss for the casinos, which are not in the business of doling out free money. To recoup their investments, they have legal support in the form of terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are valid and are a legal binding between the player and the casino.

Agreeing to the terms and conditions

The fact that you are agreeing to the terms and conditions; is the first step for allowing you to play at any online or mobile casino. You will not be allowed to play at these sites without agreeing to the T&C’s.

In case of any disputes or claims, you cannot support your argument by saying that you have not agreed to the T&Cs. By agreeing to the T&C’s you are waiving your right to privacy, data protection, fund protection and other important aspects.

Often enough, there is a clause which states that you must periodically review the T&C’s. They are subject to the changes as and when, it is necessary by the casinos. So it is vital for the players to keep track of any of the changes that are made.

Usually casinos will send out email or other notifications for the benefit of the players about the changes that are made to the terms and conditions. The onus is on the players, to regularly read the T&C’s. Any changes in the bonus policies, wagering requirements, new features, laws and rules are made with the casinos interest in mind.

Privacy / Data / Fund Protection

The online casinos are running a business with the intention of making money. As in any business, they are guided by law to safeguard the player’s money, personal details and other information from third party activities.

A basic point mentioned in the T&C’s is the use of the player’s pictures in advertisements and other promotional events when they have won a jackpot.

Another interesting point in the T&C’s is the fund protection that is assured to the players. It is a vital point in the event that the online casino closes shop. With all your money parked in the casinos; the reimbursement of the money to the players in case of any fateful event is a based as per the T&C’s mentioned by the casinos.

The level of fund protection that is guaranteed to the players is Basic (where the bank account is part of the casinos assets), Medium (where the player’s money is kept in a separate account which is independent of the operations of the casinos. It is given back in case of any bankruptcy) and High (The account is independently audited and offers the highest protection to the players).

Country Specific Jurisdictions

The huge global market for online casino gambling is the result of Internet boom. The improvement in the technology has given the remote player instant access to the online casinos. There is a lot of confusion related to the legality of online gambling in many countries.

The onus is on the players to confirm whether it is legal to play in their countries. The terms and conditions can vary according to the country from where the player is playing. It is in accordance with the rules and regulations of that country.

There are some countries where players have been known to commit bonus abuse. The T&C’s usually mention these countries and have separate rules for dealing with them. Either it totally bars those players or allows them to play with the wins being subjected to high wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements, Bonuses and Promotions

The casinos have the right to make any changes related to the wagering requirements, bonuses and promotions. Any changes to these are widely publicised and displayed in the casino’s website. In spite of this, in case of any confusion; the players are required to contact the customer support team and get it cleared as soon as possible.

These changes are also reflected in the online casinos bonus policies which are updated regularly in accordance to the changing economic scenarios.

Casino Players Account Activities

The terms and conditions clearly specifies on how and when the player’s account can be closed or suspended. They can do this without giving them any reasons. This could be due to any number of issues such as dormant accounts or suspecting of frauds. Another reason for the casinos to close your account is failure to provide valid and correct details or information. It can be because of problems related to age verification, address proof or correct bank account details etc. All of these can create problem with payouts of your winnings.

These are some of the common terms and conditions that the players must take care of; before playing at the online casinos. Understanding them is vital to making the player experience a less stressful one. The online casinos have the final say in matters related to the terms and conditions.

If you don’t agree to these terms and conditions; you can just shift over to a new casino. The important thing to understand is that you are under no obligation to play here. If you don’t like it, leave it. Always read them before signing up at any online casino. It’s better to be safe than sorry later.

Roulette – Legends who didn’t settle for less

When it comes to Roulette playing, be it online Roulette or casino Roulette, almost every person who puts stakes on the table dreams of becoming the next millionaire. Though this shortcut to riches does exist, it has only worked for a handful of people. Here are some Roulette facts that you might not have known to keep in your mind, the next time you put down your money for a spin.

Facts about Roulette

  • Though the game is supposed to bring you tremendous riches and fortunes, the roulette wheel was called the Devil’s wheel because all the numbers add up to 666!
  • Though it might look like Roulette is only played by men, you will be stunned to know that close to 48% of people playing online roulette are women.
  • Even the plastic marker that is used to signify winning bets is called a “Dolly”. So much for a “male dominated” game.
  • The game was inspired to creation after a 17th century game called Roly Poly which was the first game to make use of a spinning wheel and a round ball for gambling.

Legends of Roulette

Online Roulette or casino Roulette, there have been people who have made some striking wins in the game. Though most of these legends made their wins on casino Roulette rather than an online Roulette table, they are still really commendable and inspiring.

Roulette Legend

Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger was one of the first ever people to win huge payouts from Roulette tables. He was an engineer by profession and perhaps this was the reason why he did not leave everything to luck. He sent his assistants to Monte Carlo to study the game and record observations. After years of compiling data, Jagger found out that some roulette wheels were biased. He set out straight for these wheels and made huge fortunes out of these biased wheels. Once the casino owners guessed his secret, they kept switching wheels each night and Jagger eventually quit, only to go home with what amounts to £3 million today.

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell was a person who left everything to luck. He sold off everything he owned except the shirt he was wearing for a Roulette gamble. His credit at that time was $135,000. Ashley was facing closure and needed a lot more money to seal off his debts. So when the media found out about Ashley’s stunt, they started covering it too. When Ashley played his $135,000 spin, everyone held their breath while watching. His bet was a red, and that is where the ball fell getting him $270,000 which was more than enough to seal his debt and live a decent life.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

While people like Joseph Jagger hired his assistants to find out biased wheels, Gonzalo was more of a family man! He travelled around casinos with his kids rather than assistants to find out biased Roulette wheels. After months of scouting he went back home and used his computer for data analysis to find biased wheels. Then he returned as a man on a mission and made millions out of these wheels. But things hit a rough patch when Gonzalo was caught and banned from casinos. However the lawsuits filed against him could not progress much, allowing him to stay rich.

Charlie Wells

Charlie Wells was a man who did not use the wheel bias technique to win millions. This legend was one of the first ever testimonies to the famous Martingale system of betting, and he won thousands of francs using it. Though he had to get his initial capital by cheating people, he was successful for two streaks making an amount equivalent to millions today. But at the end, he got a little too greedy and lost his entire life’s savings in the third streak and also got arrested for fraud.

William Nelson Darnborough

William Nelson Darnborough is a Roulette legend whose story is not as widespread as that of Joseph Jagger. Darnborough was originally a baseball player and was quite a successful one at it as he played for a number of leagues. He bought a Roulette wheel and practiced the technique of visual tracking wherein he can determine where the ball would fall as the wheel started spinning. After getting enough practice he visited Monte Carlo in 1908 and made close to £7.3 million in today’s amounts. He again went on 1910 and made another £5 million. Then he married the Duke of Argyll’s cousin Lady Frances and gave up gambling because the royal family did not approve of it.

Though these people did not play online Roulette and most legends made their fortune from some bias on the Roulette wheel, luck can smile on you as it did on Ashley Revell. Roulette is the easiest game to make good money and the chances are always 50:50.