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Playing 7 Card Blackjack: Here is how

Considering the current craze of online casino gaming, it seems like the trend of online games is not ending anytime soon. One such game that is gaining immense popularity worldwide is Blackjack. Everyone knows about the Blackjack game but how many of you have heard of 7 card blackjack?

Playing 7 card Blackjack

Well, 7 card blackjack is one of the easiest yet entertaining table games. Before knowing about the rules of 7 card Blackjack, let’s learn about the rules of the English Blackjack game from which this 7 card variant is derived.

The Rules of English Blackjack Game from which 7 Card Blackjack Is Born

There is only one deck of cards used to play the English blackjack game, though there can be more depending on the number of players. There are a total of 52 cards in a deck.

English blackjack game features certain rules that must be followed by each player so that everyone gets a fair gaming experience. The player sitting next to the dealer (on the left side) begins the game. Each player has to either pick a card from other player’s hand or take one from the deck. Once the card is drawn by a player, the chance is passed to the other player. The winning strategy is simple. In order to win the game, you need to free your hands from all the cards.

The cards a player can play should match the suit or the number of the card played by the previous player. This means you can only play a card if you have either the same number of the same suit available.

7 Cards Blackjack Rules

While blackjack is popular in the entire world, it is especially famous in European countries and the UK. In fact, online casino websites provide users with the best possible 7 card blackjack game arrangement so that the players can enjoy this table game from the comfort of their home.

The best part about this game is its rules are constantly updated and modified as per the interest of the blackjack players. In order to make the game popular among players of all age group, the producers keep on introducing some interesting changes from time to time.

The interesting Strategies of 7 Card Blackjack game

The exciting arrangements of the cards have made the 7 card blackjack an entertaining game. Let’s have a look at the common strategies of this game.

First of all, the game goes clockwise. If one player throws a “2” card, the person sitting next to him has to pick two cards from the deck. Besides, he loses his turn and cannot play any card. However, if this person also has a “2” card in his hands, he doesn’t need to draw cards from the deck. Instead, he can play this card and make it compulsory for the other player to pick a total of 4 cards.

If you throw ‘8’ card, the chance of the other player is skipped.

If you play Blackjack, the person sitting next to you will pick 5 cards.

Similarly, there are many power cards the players can use against their rivals.