South Park Slots is a theme based game based on the famous animated series ‘South Park’. Maximum bet for this game is 250 credits and maximum winning amount for this game is amazingly huge 1250000 credits. South Park has 5 reels and 25 pay lines plus an amazing lot of bonus features.

How to trigger a Bonus game at South Park Slots?

A bonus game is triggered when 2 regular bonus symbols appear anywhere on reel 3 and 4 only plus 1 character bonus symbol like Cartman bonus symbol or Kyle bonus symbol appears on reel 5 only.

The bonus game which will be activated is based upon the character bonus symbol that appears on reel 5 with the other 2 bonus symbols on reel 3 and 4.There are 4 bonus rounds that can be activated by this namely, Cartman Bonus, Kyle Bonus, Kenny Bonus or Stan Bonus.

Kyle Bonus Game:Firstly, you get 10 free spins for getting the bonus symbols with a Kyle bonus symbol. Kyle bonus round has an ‘Ike wild card’. When Ike wild symbol appears on reel 5 and Ike character randomly appears on one of the tiles below the reels then one of the following features gets activated during your free spins.

Multipliers are activated according to the place in which Ike character lands randomly, multiplier value can be 2x or 10x multiplier and it gets applied to the bet line wins on that current spin only. A coin win is awarded when Ike lands on the coin win tiles. Coin wins amounts are 50 and 500 for the bet at level 1.3 additional free spins are activated when Ike lands on +3 spins tile.

Kenny Bonus Game: Here, at South Park, you have to guide Kenny safely through 3 different types of zones, WIN zone, MULTIPLIER zone and DANGER zone. WIN zone contains only coin wins. DANGER zone contains 1 trap which causes accident as well as coin wins. MULTIPLIER zone contains different value multipliers.

To guide Kenny through, you have to select any of the 3 highlighted blocks starting from the leftmost to rightmost position. A multiplier multiplies any coin wins for the number of steps displayed above Kenny.

Cartman Bonus Game: This bonus round have 4 different randomly generated outcomes. It can be a coin win, double up, reset, or warning/game over. The total maximum win can be 5000x bet. Double up doubles the current total winning. Reset the bonus game, game over finishes the bonus game.

Stan Bonus Game:This bonus round has a Sticky Bonus symbol. At the start of this round a sticky wild symbol appears in the middle position of reel 3 and remains static for 2 spins. Sticky wild symbol can appear on any reel and once it does it stays there for 2 spins. The bonus spins continues as long as there is at least one sticky symbol present anywhere. This wild also like other wilds substitute for all symbols.

Terrance and Philip Mini Feature: This feature randomly places 3 wild symbols on reel 2, 3 and 4. Wild symbols are appeared linked vertically and diagonally anywhere on reel 2, 3 and 4 only. It pays for highest possible winning combination on bet a bet line only.

Mr. Hankey Mini Feature: This features 3-5 wild symbols. 3 wild symbols are initially placed anywhere on reel 1, 3 and 5 only. Apart from these 3, 1 or 2 more can appear randomly anywhere on the reels.

Cartman Mini Feature: It gets randomly activated by a 3 by 3 block of wild symbol, the beefcake wild. It appears on reel 2, 3 and 4 only.

Regular Wild Symbol: There is a regular wild symbol also, “Wild written in blue”, which can appear on any reel in the main game and in the Kyle bonus round. It can substitute for all the symbols except for the bonus symbols.

Whether you are a South Park fan or not, this game is a must play. So, just get in the park and play this exciting game!

South Park Particulars:


Slot Theme




Bet Stake/Line

£0.01 – £0.50

Payout Percentage



1250000 COINS

Special symbols


Free Spins


Gamble feature