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Pay Tribute to Guns n Roses with our New Slot Game!

Guns n Roses has been one of the legendary bands that contributed to the rock/metal music genre since the 80’s. With some amazing records sold around the world, the band is still remembered for its music by all generations. Though the band’s glorious times did end with the tiffs between the band’s front man Axl Rose and lead guitarist Slash, the band did get to make some revolutionary music during its great times. The band members might have called it quits, but the fans certainly have not. Tributes continue to roll out for the band and the latest one is Guns n Roses mobile slot dedicated to the band.

Guns n Roses Slot Game Theme

The game theme of the Guns n Roses slot game is quite straightforward. The game serves as a medium for remembering the glory days of the band and the graphics and soundtracks are all suggestive of this. The game makes use of some iconic trademark symbols of the band like the band logo, Axl Rose, Slash and many other symbols. The soundtracks used in this game are also pieces or whole versions of original Guns n Roses songs, which can all add to the element of nostalgia.

NetEnt has ensured that all the necessary permissions have been obtained from the band members to avoid any copyright and piracy issues. The impressive efforts of developers in the game is well appreciated and has certainly paid off.

Slot Specifications and Features

The Guns n Roses slot game can be considered to be a place where you can pay your respects to the band. The sound effects and the graphics are the highlights of the game and there are some winning features which will help to win huge

The 5 reels, 25 paylines mobile slot games has some flexible bet lines and options that makes the game easy to play. Features like the autospin feature can be used if you want to play the game in a streak, and listen to some heavy Guns n Roses music in repeat.

Guns n Roses Slot

The game has all conventional features that any slot game does. From Wilds to progressive multipliers, the game is not disappointing in this field either. While the wilds are simple symbol substituting wilds, the scatters in the game are progressive and also feature a progressive multiplier. So the more scatter symbols you get, the more free spins and a higher multiplier you have.


The Guns n Roses slot game is one of the best tributes that the band can have. The slot game covers all aspects from being a rewarding slot machine to a medium of being a bringer of nostalgia for the band’s loyal fans. Though the game might seem to be a little dull with features, the frequency of occurrence and the RTP of the game is decently high to make you busy. Pay homage to one of the best bands in the world right here on Jackpot Mobile Casino!