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Top 10 Badass Boxing Movies

There is nothing more inspiring than people fight in a boxing ring, giving it everything they have got for a life outside the ring. There have been hundreds of movies on this sport released but very few deserve a credit. Here are some of the best boxing movies there ever has been.

10. Ali

There are a very few films that seem too good to be true and the Will Smith starring film about the legend Mohammed Ali is one of these. The movie covers all aspects of Ali’s life during his epic journey to fame.

9. The Gladiator

Though most people get the Greek epic picture in their heads when they hear this name, there was a Gladiator that rolled out in the 90’s that was one of the best rough and tough boxing movies ever. The movie really had nothing in it except some eye popping fights and amazing punches created by some acting legends.

8. Girlfight

Though it may seem a little out of ordinary and a little too dramatic, Girlfight is an awe inspiring film about how a woman can rise over the challenges of her life through boxing. The film is about a girl constantly harassed by her step father. She somehow turns up in the hands of a gym trainer through her brother and learns the art of boxing and becomes one of the greatest boxers of her time. She comes back home to finish the single greatest challenge of her life, her Step dad.

7. The Fighter

This Christian Bale starring film has a mix of everything from an epic challenge, brotherhood and even women. Though it might sound that the sport has very little to do with fighter the film is focused around the life of a boxing champ in the making searching for fame.

6. When We Were Kings

This is yet another film about Muhammad Ali’s life but focused more in the rumble in the jungle period. The film has everything that Ali had in his life including a loudmouth, and a fist that can bring some serious pain with it.

5. Fat City

The director of Fat City, John Huston himself was a boxer. The film is about two boxers, one whose career is done and the other whose career has just begun. Mixed with a bunch of emotions and some chronic drinking habits, the film shows how men settle their differences in the ring, as men should.

4. Cinderella Man

The Cinderella man is one of the most touching movies ever and it is based on the true life story of Jim Braddock, a boxer at the times of the great depression. The film shows how he struggles to put food in his family’s mouth and his fight inside and outside the ring for survival.

3. Raging Bull

This epic movie is a deep study into the real life of boxer Jake LaMotta. Robert De Niro had to put quite a lot of effort into this film and it can be seen. The movie is about a boxer who uses the sport to vent off his rage and get punished for the sins he did in his life.

2. Million Dollar Baby

Though this film is not exactly all about the sport, it still deserves a mention for its gripping and heart wrenching story line. The life of a boxing champ can be turned to dust when her neck breaks during a fight. The film shows how even though euthanasia is the easy option, fighting to survive and be respected is the biggest challenge outside any ring and how determination is the one thing that helps you out.

1. Rocky Series

The Rocky Balboa movies are some of the most inspiring fighting movies. Rocky’s humble beginnings as an underdog and his rose to fame and still a humble character is worth a mention. The Rocky movies always have an epic fight each one better than the other and this makes it a must watch movie series.

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