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Play Volatile High Risk Slots and Win Big

Look at any online slot and you probably find words like 97% RTP. Sounds like its part of some mathematical equation. Well, it should not deter you from playing the online slots. It is just to remind you of the winning percentage that is guaranteed to the players by the casinos. Hence, it is appropriately called as the Return To Player.

The higher the volatility of the slots; the bigger is the risk involved in playing the game. You end up wagering more on the slots, in the hope of landing that elusive big win. The wins are frequent and fast, but you have to wager more in terms of the paylines and number of coins for every spin.

The ways of the slots are mysterious and is largely dependent on luck. You will probably get confused with all the hoopla surrounding the different ways to describe the mobile slot game. It is quite interesting if you are willing to spend some time on understanding the terms.

You will hear words like high volatile, low variance or similar phrases. The term variance and volatility of the slot games are interchangeable words having the same meaning. It represents the amount of risk involved in playing the slot games.

What’s playing a slots game without risks? Describing the new mobile slots as high, medium or a low volatile is one way the casinos get the players to play the slots. The lure of winning the big jackpot is what drives the players towards the game of chance.

So what are high risk slots?

The players can guess on the high risk slots through their big payout percentages that are published by the casinos. If the slot promises a big jackpot with an incredibly huge payout percentage; then you can be sure it is high risk slots.

Plus, if the difference between the game jackpot and the next win is quite huge; the players can expect long periods of playing without getting any wins. By looking at the payout table, you can also find out about the high risk slots.

You can similarly use the term high variance to describe the high risk slots. It represents big wins with long periods of playing without bagging a single win.

The casinos will promote the progressive jackpot slots as the high volatile or high risk games. You must have a lot of patience and a big bankroll to play these games. Promising fast action with every spin, you can expect the fewer and smaller payouts in between gameplay at high risk slots.

Low risk and medium risk players

The low volatility or low variance slots are usually favoured by the risk averse players. These players are just playing for the entertainment and the fun part. They are quite satisfied with the small but frequent wins that the slot promises. If they leave the casino with a small profit at the end of the day, then it’s a day well played.

Sandwiched between these two categories of slot players are the average risk taker. Willing to invest a small part of the bankroll on the slots; he will seize the opportunity to win the jackpot when presented. Responsible gaming and having the common sense to move away from the game when in a tight spot; are the characteristics of these slot players.

Final choice is yours

The last call is yours. It is left to you to decide to which category of player that you belong to. Depending on the type of player you are; you can play the medium, low or high risk slots. There is nothing stopping you from playing the volatile games. All you need is the risk taking ability; deep pockets and loads of patience to tackle the big win games.