Tornado Farm Escape slots is a game set on a farm with livestock grazing around. The farm is not all bad with an occasional TV, radio and sofa symbol popping up besides the conventional farm members like chicken, pigs, sheep and a lot more. While you might be thinking what is it that has made this game worthy of the reputation it has, you still haven’t dialled in the “Tornado” part. A tornado usually rips through anything in its path to destroy and give you a run for our money. But in this game, the Tornado is your best friend as it is more or less a whirlwind of wins! Besides the tornado, occasional “Storms” occur through the game that gives you decent wins.

Tornado Farm Escape Slots Specifications

The game is standard 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 payline slot game. It offers a decent theoretical win over percentage of 96.5%. How effective is this when you actually play the game? When you have storms and tornadoes set to blow apart your gaming screen, it is safe to say that you do stand a decent chance of winning a payline.

Features to look out for

The major thing you need to take note of is the fact that the wild symbol is not the only symbol you need to root for in Tornado Farm Escape slots. Yes, the wild symbol does not knock out other symbols and help you get a winning combination. But if you are actually trying to win big, then you need to root for the hot and cold symbols in reel 1 and 5 as these triggers the tornadoes that can help you take home big wins.

Wild Symbol: The Wild symbol at Tornado Farm Escape slots is the farm escape symbol. Just like any other game, the wild symbol functions like a Joker on a card deck. Getting a wild symbol on your play screen helps you knock out other symbols and get a winning combination. But take note that if the wild symbol comes with a hot or cold symbol then you might have to spin again since these two are the only symbols the farm escape symbol does not substitute for.

Storm Feature: The storm feature occurs when you get the cloud symbol in one of the outer positions of the reels. So it is safe to say that you don’t get a storm if you have a cloud symbol anywhere in the 2nd row of reels 2, 3 and 4. The fun of the storm is that it is unpredictable but rewarding. The cloud takes random paths throughout the screen and gives you wild symbols. This gives you the chance to win big at Tornado Farm Escape slots.

Tornado Feature: This is what gives the game its name and its obvious why. The tornado feature at Tornado Farm Escape slots is more or less like a free spin feature and a bonus boost wrapped together in a package. The Hot symbol in reel 1 and the cold symbol in reel 5 trigger the tornado feature. The feature itself works such that a tornado comes in and swoops over the symbol in the 2nd row of the central reel and any other similar symbols and the wild symbol. Every time the wild symbol comes, during the following free spins it gets picked up and rewards you with huge coin wins as follows:

  • 1-4 cow symbols – 30 coins
  • 5-8 cow symbols – 50 coins
  • 9-11 cow symbols – 100 coins

Tornado Farm Escape Particulars:


Slot Theme




Bet Stake/Line

£0.01 – £10.00

Payout Percentage



167000 COINS

Special symbols


Free Spins


Gamble feature