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Vegas Casino – Sins of Sin City

Going to Las Vegas might be a dream for almost every person on earth who loves to gamble. Clearly, with a motto that says what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas the immediate picture that pops into our mind is about all the fun in store and the wild things that you can do there. But concentrating more on the fun part, we all know that Las Vegas is one of the gambling hubs in the world, and no visit to Vegas is complete without entering at least one Vegas Casino in your visit.

But there are some things that you should know before you actually consider putting your hard earned money into any Vegas Casino, because as flashy as they seem, all casinos always have a few tricks up their sleeve to make sure that you do not get back home entirely being a winner.

Booze to Baffle your Brain at Vegas Casino

If you thought that all casinos were being really generous and kind hearted to you by offering free booze to make your gambling night fun, think again! Unless you are some prodigal alcoholic to whom the drink is just another soft drink with no difference, you are in for some well crafted house strategies to make sure that the money stays with them.

We all know that alcohol is meant to make us all fuzzy and it impairs our judgement and perception skills. So when you load up on the free booze that you get in any Vegas Casino, you are actually digging your own grave because you won’t even be able to tell the difference between 16 and 17 in a Roulette table, let alone make big bets and cash in.

Tick Tock Stops in the Gambling Den

Have you ever got lost in a Vegas Casino? If you haven’t, then you probably own it, or gamble there too much because all casinos are designed to get you lost. The casinos have a door in some insignificant corner which you can easily lose sight of once you get to business. Sometimes people get so lost in casinos that they take a seat on a slot machine and spin the reels to just take a break from all the searching!

But what will really get you alarmed is the fact that you will never find a clock in a Vegas casino! Of course the house does not want you to leave! When you still have money in your pockets they don’t want you to say “I’m done for tonight and it’s getting late. I must go home”. Instead the no clock strategy gives you a perception that you have just been in for minutes and a few more games wouldn’t hurt. But when you get washed out, the House representatives will tell you the time and even show you the door, because you have nothing more to give them!

The Odds of Every Game

You might think that most games offer you a fair chance in winning because the world is a fair place, but think again! Only Blackjack, live Poker & live Roulette have decent house edges within 5%. There are some other notorious games that do not even give you a fair chance of winning but that is the one of the casinos’ best kept secrets. If you are a slot player then play for max bets because they give you the maximum chances for winning.