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Online Casino Gaming Software

Gaining monopoly on the casino gaming industry are only a small number of gaming software companies or providers. It became quite apparent in the early days of casino gaming that creating gaming software and providing quality customer service to the players were two different things. It required a lot of time, patience and dedication. Instead, they opted to focus on creating the software and licensing it to the online casinos.

The onus of promoting the games, its bonuses and offers was left to the online casinos. Considering that there are thousands of online casinos, the players have varied options to choose the game of their choice.

The list of online casino gaming software providers is small but there is such fierce competition among them. Outdoing each other in all areas of the gaming aspects is their motto with the end result being quality gaming software. The names that keep coming up are Microgaming, NYX Hub, Playtech, Probability, NetEnt and many more. All of them have the same vested interest of providing quality games which end with both of them on the winning side.

Designing and Aesthetics of the Game Take Top Priority

There is no stopping the gaming companies when it comes to providing casino games which look, feel and virtually replace the real world land based casino games. In order to stand out among the thousands of online casinos, they had to choose the casino software provider which developed games that were in tune with their casino theme and overall layout of the website.

Every game provider has a certain niche and would like to stick to it. Almost all the games developed by them have the same aesthetic sense surrounding it making it easier for the players to identify them.

Varied Games Collection

The casinos are going full blast in providing the player a wide and varied collection of games. The broad categories of games that all of them include are Slots, Card games such as Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat etc; table games such as Roulette, Craps etc.

Individually you are spoilt for choices within each category. Take the case of Slots itself. Every game provider is releasing a new game within a few months, leading to a good competition amongst them; upping the ante in terms of design, gameplay, and layout, audio and visual effects.

Varied game themes are the support on which the games succeed over time. Suiting the needs and tastes of the vast player demographics, it has become a standard to develop games in HD quality.

Adding the progressive games to their collection is a brilliant step by the providers to lure the players. The jackpot to be won is the honey pot that keeps the players playing them in spite of the high stakes involved.

Download or No Download Casino Software

There is one good thing about the online casino software. The players have the option of downloading the entire casino software onto their PCs or mobile devices. The plus point of this method is that they have the whole collection of games suite to choose from. With the added benefit of automatic software updates; it ensures that you have quality software with all the latest bug fixes and updates.

The no download version is for the players who don’t wish to be tied down to one particular game provider. They can play from anywhere or any time without having to download the entire game suite. For whatever reason, they can play the games by accessing the online casinos through the web browsers.

It’s the casinos responsibility to provide them the same safety, security and environment as seen in a downloaded version of the software.

Real Money or Fun – the choice is yours

Online casino gaming software has recognised that the players want to try out the games first before wagering real money on them. It is their chance to gain firsthand experience on the game rules, payouts, betting limits and other details of the game.

Only if they are confident of the playing and winning chances, will they move on to real money betting. As a big casino tip, it is better to play the free play version of the games before wagering real money.

Game Fairness

All the game providers assure that the proper measures are taken to provide the players the same game fairness as seen in a real world casino. Random Number Generators is the basis on which the whole online casinos work. The games are independently tested and audited by reputed testing organisations and given their seal of approval only after this process.

The software testing companies such as TST (Technical System Testing), GLI (Gaming Laboratory International), CFG (Certified Fair Gambling) provide independent testing for the proper functioning of all the casino software and hardware equipments.
The most recognised and reputed organisations such as eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) gives its approval to the online casinos based on its fairness, security, the safety of the deposits made.

Safety and Security

The casino gaming software is responsible for providing adequate safety and security to the player’s money, personal and banking details. All of them incorporate the latest encryption technologies; don’t sell, divulge player information to third parties unless required by law.