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A Quick Guide on Insurance in Blackjack

Blackjack is no doubt the most popular casino game in the world and a favourite game of professional gamblers. This age old game is nothing new to many but still keeps most players in dilemma, especially when it comes to insurance in Blackjack. This is an amazing benefit given to players and it helps prevent you from losing your money. The catch here is that you will end up paying 50% of your bet amount as a fee towards insurance but in return, you will get two to one on your total bet amount. So, before you try your hand at any of the Blackjack variants at Jackpot Mobile Casino, know your choices.

A Quick Guide on Insurance in Blackjack at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Why go for Insurance in Blackjack?

Insurance in Blackjack is offered only when the dealer’s open card is an Ace and in such case, the probability of the dealer winning with a Blackjack hand is higher. Once you place a bet, there will usually be no way to take back or cancel the bet. And you would want to do that once you know that dealer will win for sure. So to overcome the losses from that probability, an insurance to cover you is offered each time the dealer gets an Ace as the first card. If he gets Blackjack hand, then you may lose the hand but you will not lose your money. Instead, you will make a profit when dealer wins in this scenario as the payout is 1.5 times your bet amount. Half of your total bet is taken as a fee towards insurance, which is fair enough.

Is Insurance Good or Bad?

Though the probability of dealer winning the hand when he gets an Ace as an opening card, there is no guarantee about it. So if you have taken insurance in Blackjack but dealer does not win, then you will lose half your bet amount just like that as a fee. However, you still have a chance to win the hand but it is hard to say that you are making a profit after losing the half towards insurance. But this option may work well when you are playing a multi-hand Blackjack, where you can take insurance on one or two hands instead of all hands. In such case, it is always better you taken insurance on the hand where your bet amount is lower than other hands.

Statistical Calculation

One thing you can do before taking insurance in Blackjack is keeping track of your game statistics. Each time the dealer gets an Ace as the open card, keep note whether it turned out to be Blackjack hand or not. But make sure you are choosing the minimum possible amount for betting because what you are doing here is just learning to understand the probability. Observe for say 25 games where the dealer had Ace as face up card and analyze the results of all. If the probability of dealer winning with blackjack is more than 75% then you can take chances by availing insurance. So, higher the probability rate the better for you. And this feature is particularly beneficial when you are playing high stakes of betting.

Weigh and Take a Call

There are many theories and explanation whether or not you should take insurance in Blackjack. But at times it is really your instincts that can work wonders and you must rely on it before taking insurance. Once you make up your mind, head to Jackpot Mobile Casino and enjoy this classic in various forms.