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Differences between Jumping Jack Cash and Wild Cat Canyon Slots

Slot games are fun to play because of their storylines and unique bonus features. With so many new mobile slot games around, you will definitely find some of them quite similar when it comes to the theme of the game. Here are two such newly launched Jackpot Mobile Casino games that look alike on several fronts: Jumping Jack Cash and Wild Cat Canyon slots. They have the same backdrop of a calm desert. Though they look similar, the features, bonuses and stakes are all different.

How Different is Wild Cat Canyon Slots Game?

Differences between Jumping Jack Cash and Wild Cat Canyon Slots

  • Wild Cat Canyon Slots

Though the setup of the theme in this game has a desert, the backdrop is actually a canyon. This five reels slot has 25 paylines that you can adjust as per your preference. The theme is based on the wild cat that is on hunting mode to catch its prey, an animal that looks like the road runner. The betting limit starts with as low as £0.01 and goes up to £250 as a maximum per spin. The cat is the wild symbol and appears only on second and fourth reel substituting for all except scatter symbol. The scatter feature is the cat’s paw print and three of them give you free spins that you can choose between 5 with 10x win, 10 spins with 5x win and 15 with 3x win. This game offers an RTP of 95.46%.

  • Jumping Jack Cash

This slots game is totally different to Wild Cat Canyon slots as it is based on not a cat but a kangaroo named jack. The background is a plain desert in the Australian outback and not a canyon in California. There are five reels and no defined paylines but offers 1024-way winning possibilities. The betting limit starts with £0.50 and goes up to £250 per spin. The game logo is the wild symbol and covers for all except the scatter feature. The kangaroo logo is the scatter feature and offers free spins of 7, 10 and 15 upon three, four and five symbol landings. Free spins can be re-triggered with 2, 3, 4 or 5 scatters. It has an RTP of 95.95% with various bonus wins.

Play & Spot The Difference

Both Wild Cat Canyon slots and Jumping Jack Cash slots offer fun and entertainment along with various bonus features. Though the theme looks similar, they are very different in several aspects. Play them at Jackpot Mobile Casino to know more.