07 Apr

How To Play Double Ball Roulette?

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When it comes to winning money in a casino with your luck, no game is more fun and exciting than Roulette. But what if the same game offers double the chances of winning in all areas of inside and outside bets? Double Ball Roulette which is played with not one but two balls that roll inside the Roulette wheel. This means, if one ball misses landing on your chosen number, the second ball is still available to make your luck stronger. So you can imagine what you can do with two balls and multiple areas of betting. At Jackpot Mobile Casino, it is available in both double zero American and single zero European style Roulette games and you can choose the one that suits your strategy.

How To Play Double Ball Roulette

Go on a Winning Spree with Double Ball Roulette Rules & Strategies

● The layout of the Double Ball Roulette wheel and the table are pretty much similar to classic Roulette game, except for two balls are released one after the other after certain time interval. You will have an option in hand to release the ball anytime before the predefined duration.

● You will have to start the game by choosing your bet amount followed by the number you want to place your bet between 0 to 36 or 00 to 36 depending on the game type. You can either choose just one number and stand a chance to win 34 times your bet when both balls land on it or two different numbers, each for one ball to win 17 times the bet per ball.

● This game also offers double ball jackpot game which is the side bet, and you can win 1200 times you bet amount if both balls land on a single number you have chosen. The bet limit in this round is usually limited to £1 or $1 depending on your country or the game you choose.

● There is no change in the types of outside bet in Double Ball Roulette as you have basic ones such as red/black, odd/even, 1 to 19, 19 to 36, etc. So the rules in these betting remain unchanged to that of conventional roulette.

Betting and Payouts

● The highest payout is when you choose a single number and both balls land on it, paying you 34 times your bet. Chances of that to happen is less likely so most people choose a minimum of two numbers to win 17 times their bet. Win from both balls will anyway make it to 34 to 1.

● The split betting in Double Ball Roulette works amazing; if you place a bet on a line between two numbers and if at least one ball land on one of the two numbers, you win 8 times the bet. But with two balls, there is a chance that you can win from both the number and take home 16 times your bet amount.

● The same works for the street betting where if one ball lands on your chosen street you get 5 to 1 but if both balls land on the street then 10 times your bet amount is what you win.

Double Your Wins Now

There are various options and betting areas you can win from in a Roulette game and Double Ball Roulette multiplies all those chances of winning by two times. So the amount of luck required to win in this game is just half of what is needed in other games at Jackpot Mobile Casino.