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Celebrate the Easter Week at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Easter is the time of happiness and joy everywhere. The celebration and the feast keep you in positive spirits. It’s an occasion that offers a great time for people of all age groups to join hands in cherishing those moments when Jesus returned. This moment of festivities calls for a reason to celebrate and time to get deals on things that matter. This Easter, Jackpot Mobile Casino brings a whole week wins with the new Easter promotion.

Celebrate the Easter Week at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Rejoice, the Big Easter Promotion is Here

The celebration is no different at Jackpot Mobile Casino with Easter promotion to help you make most out of this festival weekend. At Jackpot Mobile Casino, there are not just one or two but a whole week of promotional offers you can benefit from, with each of 7 days offering you different kind of deals and discounts on some of the best casino slot games.

1. Da Vinci Diamonds Slots: This 5 reel slot game dedicated to the time when the world’s best artist Leonardo Da Vinci lived with many of his masterpiece creations like the Mona Lisa painting. The key attraction of this slot game is the huge number of free spins that you can win and big wins that are offered during free spins. 13th April, the day 1 of Easter Promotion offers 20 bonus spins for this game when you make the deposit using the code ‘20VINCI’.

2. Good Friday Deal: This is the day that kick starts Easter celebrations and an irresistible offer of up to £100 is offered for the taking when you make a deposit. You need to make a deposit using the code ‘MATCH100’ and you can get 100% of your deposit additional as the bonus. 14th April 2017 – Mark the date!

3. Cleopatra: This is another amazing 5 reel slot game based on the ancient Ptolemaic Egypt when Queen Cleopatra ruled the Egyptian lands. This slots game offers lots of bonus features that you can win during free spins. So 15th April, the day 3 of the promotion gives you 50 free spins in this slots game with just £10 deposit using the code ‘CLEO50’.

4. Easter Sunday: On 16th April, the most important day of Easter, there has to be something special. And Jackpot Mobile Casino is giving 50% of your deposit amount. What is great about this offer is the limit here is exceeded up to £250. You can claim the bonus on your deposit using the code ‘BOOSTED’ while adding funds.

5. Starburst Monday: 17th April is a bank holiday and 5th day of Easter where you can get 25 free bonus spins in Starburst slots with just £10 deposit at Jackpot Mobile Casino using ‘STAR25’ as the code.

6. ‘Cleomatch’ Code: This is the code you can benefit from on the sixth day of Easter promotion while adding funds that can be used in Cleopatra slots. Here you not only get 50% of your funds as a bonus but 10 free spins to use in this feature rich slot game too.

7. 200% Bonus: On 19th April, the last day of the Easter, the surprise is huge with a whopping 200% of your deposit added as the bonus in your account. ‘MATCH200’ is the code and you can get up to £40 on your deposit.

Win Every Single Day

With this Easter promotion week at Jackpot Mobile Casino, you are a winner every day of the Easter week as there are additional funds and spins that you can use to increase your winnings. A perfect gift to every gambler to celebrate the season in a unique way.