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World’s Deadliest Volcano Eruptions

A volcano as we know kills, destroys, and gives rise to havoc. We are well aware of their dark side, all the destruction they have done in the past. But is there a brighter side too? Well, they actually do! It stops the earth from exploding. They are like the reinforcement sites created by our creator itself, to replenish the surface of the earth time to time.

Let’s Take a Look at the Past Volcano Eruptions And Brace Ourselves For The Upcoming One

Huaynaputina Volcano, Peru took place in 19th February 1600 AD and killed over 1,500 people. Huaynaputina erupted violently as the observers reported, “it was a big cannon like explosion”. Lake of fire came out of the mouth of a volcano. Near region of the mountain soon got covered by piles of ashes as thick as 10 inches which burned down nearly 10 villages.

Huaynaputina Volcano

Santa Maria Eruption, North America was another deadly volcano that erupted on 24th October 1902 killing almost 5,000 people. Area near it kept shaking and the sounds of the explosions were heard as far as 160 km. Debris and ash were carried away to as far as 800 km. Santa Maria is still active today!

Santa Maria Eruption

The Laki Volcano, Iceland lasted for 8 months from 8th June 1783- 8th February 1784 and took away 9,350 lives. Volcanic eruption lasted for 8 months; molten magma was not the cause of the death toll. It was the emitted toxic gases that were responsible for the mass genocide. And surprisingly, despite the danger, the eruption drew some people in the area burgeoning tourism industry around the natural show.

The Laki Volcano

Mt. Vesuvius, Italy is dated back to 24th August 79 AD and killed over 10,000 people. The eruption resulted in burial of two Italian towns, Herculaneum and Pompeii. During the eruption fumes rose as high as 33 km. The eruption lasted for two days and was tragic for unsuspecting residents of the Bay of Naples that were living in the shadow of the mighty volcano.

Mt. Vesuvius

Mt. Unzen, Japan took place in the year 1792 and claimed over 15,000 lives. It has been Japan’s worst volcanic related disaster ever. It triggered a landslide and tsunami. Again molten lava was not the main cause of the death toll; it was the resulting landslide and tsunami that killed many.

Mt. Unzen

Nevado Del Ruiz, Columbia is a very recent one which took place on 13th November 1985, killing over 25,000 people. The eruption brought death in the town of Armero. Hot gases and lava melted down the snow caps, causing the intense lahar that buried the town armero. It was a result of global warming. It is estimated that 500,000 people could be at risk because of the future possible lahars.

Nevado Del Ruiz

Krakatoa Caldera, Indonesia appeared on 26th-27th August 1883, claiming 36,417 lives in two days. On August 27th two third of the Krakatoa collapsed, creating a tsunami which hit ships as far away as South Africa. The sound of the explosion was so hard that it was heard even 3000 miles away. Today there tends to be abundant sea life; there are natural vents which are good sources of geothermal energy.

Krakatoa Caldera

Mt. Pelee, West Indies was one of the most deadly eruptions. Its duration was 25th April – 8th May 1902 and claimed 40,000 lives. The eruption was so destructive that there were only 2 survivors left in the city of St. Pierre. It was the pyroclastic flow that brought down the entire city.

Mt. Pelee

Mt. Tambora, Indonesia is a very prominent part of the history because on 10th-15th April 1816, this took 92,500+ lives. The eruption was so destructive that 1816 is still known as a year without summer. Because of the ash in the atmosphere reduction in temperature was felt across the world. It was also calculated that an additional 100000 people died that year because of the crop failure around the world. Volcano’s size got reduced to 9000 feet from 13000 after the eruption.

Mt. Tambora

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