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Miss Kitty slots v/s Meow Money slots

One of the most popular in their arena, Miss Kitty slots and Meow Money slots are games to look forward to as you put your heels on and hit the casinos. Bearing a cat-themed interface, these slots are a favorite among players attracting the feminine audience. Miss Kitty slots are in demand everywhere and are a fun option for people who are playing for free or for real cash. Online and real casinos see a huge number of Miss Kitty slot lovers who enjoy every bit of this video slot game. Following close behind is the Meow Money slot that is not just captivating but also offers huge chances of winning big.

A 5 reel video slot game, Miss Kitty slot is crafted for the cat-lovers. The character is very appealing and has a sophisticated air about it. Miss Kitty is designed to attract the ladies with a classy studded necklace around its neck and having all the urbane mannerisms. Miss Kitty slots are loaded with features and incorporate multiple feminine elements like Bird, Milk, Fish etc.

Miss Kitty Slots

Miss Kitty Paytable

Miss Kitty slots come with 50 pay lines, allowing maximum 50 coins to be used as the wager. It allows players to wager as much as £200 with coin value from 0.01p – £4. The slot machine has 4 symbols embedded in each reel. The main goal for every play is to get the right combination of symbols that helps you win. Miss Kitty slots bear regular symbols like Ace, Queen and King along with special symbols of Moon and fish. The Miss Kitty symbol can replace all others, the Moon being the exception.

Miss Kitty slots v/s Meow Money slots

The Classy Miss Kitty Slots Can Reward You Generously

The game comes with a high RTP of 94.94%. The cute purr of Miss Kitty is depictive of a good win and is a pleasant sound for the ladies. The quicker the symbol of Miss Kitty appears the more chances of winning good cash. You can land 5 additional plays if you manage to get Miss Kitty on reels 2 or 3 with a Moon behind. The game is easy yet offers big winning chances.

The feline family makes another appearance with Meow Money slots which is also a cat-themed 5 reel game. The cats, like Miss Kitty slots, are adorable and cuddly which makes this slot game a favorite among the ladies who wish to enjoy mobile slots on the go. Extremely simple to play, the cats jumping through varied colored rings are one thing you just can’t ignore. With bets as low as 50 pounds, these cats can spring up at any time on the reel and help you win multiple figures.

The game has 9 pay lines and the Wild Cat is the top symbol which has the ability to replace the others. The wagers can vary from 0.01 to 50.0 and you can win up to 2,500 times of your wager with a stroke of right spin. The game has bonus features that show themselves when you hit 2 symbols bearing the golden fish bones back to back, enabling you to grab the skill bonus feature.

Meow Money Slots

Meow Money Paytable

These two are extremely refreshing slot games that are fun, pleasant to play and engaging in all manners. The interface is enchanting with a warming music and overall design. If you are looking for slot games purr-fection, then Miss Kitty slots and Meow Money Slots have the just the right amount of money and cuteness to offer! The apt blend of feminism and sophistication, these slot games are customized for full enjoyment at all times.