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Different Types of Blackjack Games

Blackjack can be crowned as the king of the card table. The most skill based and game of probability, it is also the most profitable game, i.e. once you get the grasp of it. There are different Types of Blackjack which will grab your attention. Every one more interesting and testing your skills; take a look at some of the most popular games that are doing the rounds right now.

The main objective of playing any of the different Types of Blackjack game, is to beat the Dealer’s hand. You must get a card total of 21 (Blackjack) or less without going over it. Or beating the Dealer’s total without going over 21. It is a loss, if either of your totals goes over 21.

Different Types of Blackjack

The basic rules are the same with minor variations in the payouts, number of decks used and how the different gaming options can be used among others. It is always better to understand the rules before playing any of the different Types of Blackjack games. Make sure you also read about the different blackjack strategies to win big.

Classic Blackjack

The most popular and widely played is the Traditional/ Classic Blackjack game. It can be played with 1 or up to 8 decks. You and the Dealer are both dealt 2 cards each; one of the cards is face down for the Dealer. It is called as the hole card.

You win the hand if the card total is equal to 21 but should not exceed it. If the card total is over 21, then it’s a Bust deal and a losing hand. It should also be higher than the Dealer’s total for you to win. It is called a Natural Blackjack when the dealt cards are an Ace and a face value card, which equals 21.

Progressive Blackjack

It is similar to the regular Blackjack gameplay. The difference is that, it allows the player a chance to win the increasing jackpot. There is an additional $1 bet, which has to be placed to win the progressive jackpot. All the other rules are the same except for slight variations in when the cards can be doubled, split, hit or stand.

European Blackjack

Differing from the Classic Blackjack in terms of the way the cards are dealt; the European version is played with 2 decks, is one of the best types of blackjack. The two cards dealt to the players are face up. One face up card is dealt to the Dealer. His hole card (the face down card) is not dealt until the player makes a decision on how to play his cards. It can be to split, hit, stand or double the cards. He can also double down for a hand whose total equals 11, 9 or 10.

Atlantic City Blackjack

The game is played with 8 decks. The Dealer is allowed to peek at his hole card and stand on a soft 17. The players can resplit up to 3 hands. Late surrender and insurance option is available.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 or Spanish Blackjack is played with six or eight deck cards. All the 10 value cards are removed from the 52 cards leaving only 48 cards to begin the game. This increases the house edge.

In here, the Dealer can peek at his hole card and wins the hand if it is a Blackjack or 21. If the player also has a Blackjack, it can result in a tie. Insurance and late surrender are also allowed. To give the player a better chance to win, surrendering after doubling down is also allowed.

Blackjack Switch

It is another Type of Blackjack game, where the player is allowed to switch between two pair of cards. Blackjack Switch allows him to receive two hand of cards. The cards are dealt face up and he can improve on them by switching.

There is a 1:1 payout for the Blackjack, instead of the usual 3:2. The Dealer wins if he has a blackjack. If even the player has a blackjack before making the switch, then he keeps the bet amount.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack is a widely played types of Blackjack on Internet. This is a typical American hole card version of Blackjack, which allows the dealer to peek at his hole card. The Dealer has to stand on the soft 17. Played with 4 decks, doubling down is allowed after splitting the aces. Player can re-split the cards up to 3 times.


Pontoon adds a fun twist to the traditional game. Even the names are different with the Hit, Stand and Blackjack being called as the Pontoon, Twist and Stick respectively. It is again played like the Spanish 21 with all the 10s removed.

Live Blackjack

Nothing beats than playing the game live from the comfort of your homes. It’s almost like you are playing right at the table. All the game rules are same as in the online version.

Super Fun 21

Played with a single deck, Super Fun 21 is one of the Types of Blackjack that will guarantee fun and money. The game adheres to the Classic Blackjack rules but has slight changes to its payout structure. One of them being that a player’s natural Blackjack, will always beat the dealer’s natural blackjack.

The blackjack pays even money rather than the usual 3:2 payout. A Diamond Blackjack (a diamond Ace and a 10, J, Q or K of diamonds) will get a 2:1 payout. A natural blackjack from the player always wins even if a tie happens. The players can hit, stand, double or split on any number of cards.

The different Types of Blackjack will have you spoilt for choices. Not all are necessarily easy to play and win. But with the different variations available at your fingertips, it will add to your gaming experience. Having a wide betting range, different table layouts and rules, it will make one hell of a card table game for playing. Play different types of Blackjack games, keeping in mind the rules and versions of the game. You can also check out our mobile blackjack, one of the best mobile casino game for UK players.