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Foxin Wins Again – how is it different from its prequel?

Foxin Slots are theme based games; they portray the journey of a shrewd Fox, who like to win every time. This sharp witted fox is back again with Foxin Wins Again, which is the sequel of famous Foxin Wins. This sequel has better graphics and game play where the canny little friend foxin has got a ship to sail. Foxin wins like any new mobile slots have symbols of a car, bungalow, cash rolls and gold fountains. Getting 3 or more gives you rewards. This feature is same for its sailing sequel as well, only difference is the symbols are cooler here, as Mr. Foxin is ashore, we have a Ship, pina colada and a crazy compass.

Foxin Wins Again is bigger and brighter!

The biggest difference between the two games is the number of paylines. While foxin wins provided only 25 paylines, the sequel is back with unbelievable 50 paylines structure. This makes the stakes much higher for it. The maximum bet (excluding super bet) for foxin wins again is 100 credits for all paylines as compared to 50 credits of Foxin Wins. Foxin Wins again is basically designed for high rollers. The super bet feature is somewhat similar in both the games. The fox pups that trigger the magic conversion of cards into wild card are more in the sequel. Thus, increases the probability of winning more, during the super bet rounds. Other than that way of playing, the super bet is same. Super bet basically allows the player to increase the number of pups by increasing the wager amount.

 Foxin Wins Again – how is it different from its prequel?

Now both the games have scatter symbol. It is a bell for a sequel and a gold pot for foxin wins. Getting three or more scatter symbols; will award 10 free spins plus 2x multiplier on the total winnings of bonus round in both the games. Another major difference in these two games is, if you get 3, 4 or 5 scatter bells in foxin wins again then your betting amount will be multiplied up to 200, 500 or 5000 times, that is excitingly big! On the other hand, getting 3, 4 or 5 scatter gold pots in foxin wins gives back only 5, 15 or 100 times of your betting amount.

The next thing that makes these two games different is the random bonus games. It is the real reason which makes foxin wins again and foxin wins must play games. Foxin wins has two random bonus rounds; the first one is the Leprechaun Shake Down, Launch of this round will take you to another screen, here you have to chase down the mysterious Leprechaun and shake it as hard as you can to rob all his gold. Second one is, the Foxy funds, it is the very same feature of cute fox pups that we discussed about in the upper section. Foxin wins is the game that is considered as the nickel slot as it pays very often. On the other hand, its sequel is a win-win scenario game; it takes a bit more courage to play it as it asks for higher bets. But it gives back as often as foxin wins and in larger chunks too. This makes Foxin wins again slots a better game to play among both.

Apart from the winning calculations and betting amounts, it is you who always decide the environment in which you like to play. Whether it is choppy sea waves or golden sand that is lucky for you or will it be a king’s lifestyle that will make you a millionaire!