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Why Neteller is the best payment method?

Neteller has been in the online payment industry for more than a decade now. With its presence as one of the largest independent money transfer company, Neteller is certainly one of the most trusted sources for financial handlings. It is easy with this payment method to add, withdraw and transfer funds instantly without any hitch. Basically there are two services offered – one is Net+Cards and the other one is Money Transfer.

Net+Cards are like any other debit or credit cards, but there is no bank involved in it. The best advantage of this is that when you are withdrawing money from Jackpot Mobile Casino through your Neteller account, you instantly get the amount in your account, unlike the regular banks where only on working days and hours does the money shows up in your account.

Money Transfer is a free service by this payment method. It lets you send money instantly, easily and safely giving the traditional money transfer ways a rest. Both the services are available in almost all the countries all over the world, so there are no restrictions attached to it.

Neteller – A hassle-free money handler

As easy as it sounds to handle money, it is even easier to register with it. All you have to do is sign up, just like any other account online – details, verification, etc – and your Neteller is ready to use right away! Though not wholly. All the functions can only be accessed once your ID verification is done. ID verification is very important these days and is also compulsory as per law for any monetary transactions online.

The best part about using this payment method is that it has no additional charges! Yes, that is absolutely correct! Since it is an e-wallet and not a bank account, it has no additional charges or fees for its users. The only time they charge an amount is when you ask for a Net+Card to be delivered to you. And that too only shipping and handling charges are asked for. Amazing, right?!

Using Neteller at Jackpot Mobile Casino is also a good way to save time. Apart from that, Jackpot Mobile Casino keeps coming up with offers for Neteller users. Like cash back or bonuses, special access to games, and so on. Not all debit or credit card holders get this opportunity, and if it all they do, it is very rare.

It is usually safe to go for e-wallets these days. Debit and credit cards, bank deposits, etc require a lot of personal details to be shared and verified, and with cyber crimes all over, one does not really feel safe to reveal them online. Using such alternatives is always a good idea, and the best part is, you can transfer all this money from your e-wallet to your personal bank accounts as well. And this happens instantly and ready to use!

At Jackpot Mobile Casino, the minimum amount you can deposit with Neteller is only £10, and can go up to £10,000 per day. Similarly, upon withdrawing, you have to take out a minimum of £10 and maximum of £10,000 each day. The maximum amount is greater than most Visa cards, so if you are a winner, you don’t have to wait long to claim your money!

Make your life easy and finance handling a piece of cake with Neteller at Jackpot Mobile Casino. Say goodbye to stress and tensions related to online transactions, because you have the most secure and safest method at your service since 1999.

Happy Gambling, winning and Netelling!