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Win an Apple Macbook at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Gambling has always been a way to have fun while earning a little extra. But with times this is changing, and the best proof of that is the latest offer at Jackpot Mobile Casino. You can now own a brand new Apple Macbook by doing a top up of just £10! Imagine, owning an Apple product can be so cheap and easy? Well, it is for all the Jackpot Mobile Casino users.

A Macbook is any day better than other traditional systems. It’s time to get over windows and doors, because Mac is the real deal now. Known to be expensive, but in real are actually very pocket-friendly. Other systems require updates and repairs that are not considered when buying, but with Apple Macbook, you no longer have to worry about that. The after-sales service by Apple is just too good, if at all you encounter any problem with your gadget.

Win an Macbook

Since Apple is exclusive, there is nothing to be confused about. Though there is limited choice, but whatever Apple gives, is the best always. So, never think that Apple Macbook is not worth your time and money just because they are limited in producing models. Apple believes in maintaining their standard in all their products – from iPhones to Macbooks. Because they are exclusive, the software in Macbook is also near to perfection. While others like Microsoft can go wrong at times and goof up their updates, whenever Apple comes with the latest OS, it is all in all the best for that time. And with that comes the safety because there are not many viruses and spywares that can be deadly for the system.

Get Ya Mac On!

Apart from that, we all agree on the fact that this gadget is the best in looks! The sleek and stylish Macbook has many fans around the world, and so many who wish to own one. And for those, Jackpot Mobile Casino comes to the rescue. So keep yourself glued to Jackpot Mobile Casino from 7th to 13 October 2015 to stand a chance to win the all new Apple Macbook.

With the Get Ya Mac On offer running on Jackpot Mobile Casino, you can own your very own Apple Macbook with just £10. The winner will be chosen through a lucky draw, and to be a part of the draw, all you have to do is make a top up of £10. Every top up you make makes an entry to the lucky draw, irrespective of the games or slots you play. And it’s not just limited to one entry; you can make any number of entries you like. The more entries you make, the more number of times your name is entered in the draw – which means you have more chances to win!

The splendid machine can be yours! All it takes is £10 and your time from 7th to 13 October. The super week on Jackpot Mobile Casino can be spent by playing the wide variety of games. So, it’s not just £10 for an entry to the draw, but you can play slots and other casino games and try your luck on your favourite game.

Go on a winning spree on the exciting games at Jackpot Mobile Casino. Play on the move from your smart phone or tablet, or from your ‘old’ desktop or laptop. We say ‘old’ because it can soon be replaced with the all new Apple Macbook. So, get your dream machine now for as low as £10 – a deal that cannot be matched anywhere else!