12 Mar

Figuring Out Online Casino Cash Back Bonuses

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Lady luck doesn’t smile on you at all times. The online casino ride has both ups and downs. A happy player is more likely to come back to your casino website than one who has a losing streak. Realising this, the online mobile casinos offer the cash back bonuses as a lure for keeping them hooked to their sites. The online casino cash back bonus is your cushion for those losing times and keep your spirits up.

What are cash back bonuses?

The online casino cash back bonuses are special promotions that are offered to the players. It is a chance for the players to take back something in the event of incurring the losses during the gameplay.

Basically it a small percentage of the net losses that you experience, that the casinos online will pay back. It is usually between 5% and 20%. Since you have already made real money wagers and have lost it, you can take part in these promotions.

Online casino cash back bonuses are offered by the mobile casinos daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the casinos. Play more during that period and you are eligible for a cash back bonus. The cash back bonus is directly credited to your account. This amount can be withdrawn or used for making further deposits.

What makes them different from other online casino bonuses?

The online casino cash back bonuses are not generally offered by most of the online casinos. But if they do, it is more for the high roller players, who play hard and longer. It is like showing their appreciation towards those players loyalty.

This online casino bonus is based on the past wagers that you have made, and requires no future commitments from your side. The only requirement is that you full fill the wagering requirements that are sometimes asked in some casinos. But in most cases this is not required.

The amount is directly credited to your account. You can use it to make further bets or can withdraw it. There is no specific procedure to use this cash back bonus money. You can directly use it, or take the help of the customer support team to help with the withdrawal process.

Types of online casino cash back bonuses

The numerous online and mobile casinos UK based or worldwide, award the players with two types of cash back bonuses.

1. Based on the net losses. This is offered to the players who have suffered a net loss on particular games or during a specified time period. The online casino cash back bonus is calculated at the end of that period or the end of the game and is credited to their accounts, subject to the bonus policies. There is a cap on the cash back bonus amount that is returned back.

2. Based on the wagers. Some of the online casinos offer the cash back rewards based on the total winnings. In the unlikely event that this is offered by the bonus, you are in for a boost in your accounts balance. Again there is a cap on the total winnings that is given to the players and is usually limited to specific time period and the particular games.

Claiming the online casino cash back bonuses

The only requirement that the online casinos place on the players is that they continue to play at their web site. Make real money wagers on the specific games, during that particular time period and you are eligible for the online casino cash back bonuses. Some of the online casinos offer this bonus on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

It is automatically credited to your account for further use. The process is simple and needs not lengthy interactions with the customer support. The amount given back is usually 5% to 20% of the net loss that you incur during the time frame. Plus there is cap on the final amount that is given. This is varied across the casino industries.

As always, read the fine print regarding the online casino bonuses policies of the particular casino where you wish to play.

Finally, it is your choice whether you wish to make use of the online casino cash back bonuses. Use this fall back cushion to extend your gameplay and make full use of the casino bonus. This should not be the first choice when selecting a particular online casino to play. But you should consider it among all the other criteria’s such as the casino bonuses, games, overall presentation.