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NextGen Gaming Launches New Online Casino Slot Games!

Every now and then, NextGen Gaming has a brilliant stroke of inspiration and decides to thrill the slot players. Particularly now that it has come up 3 new no deposit online casino slot games, that Jackpot Mobile Casino is thrilled to host on its website.

As varied as its theme, you will get to mix and match and concoct your own bonus features in the Spin Lab slot game. The Bingo lover will try their hand at the fast paced slot action albeit in their own Bingo style. It is time for the Bingo Billions game to rock the online casino slots! Looking sexy and dangerous, Medusa is making a comeback with more features and daring wins and it all set to turn you into her slave in the Medusa II slot game.

Spin Lab’s open invitation to explore Science and win Big!

Any science geek will love playing the Spin Lab, an amazing Sci-fi themed casino slot. Even the science averse will enjoy having a spin on the reels. Cook up your own special potion in the Spin Lab and concoct up to 1,000 coins as your winnings. You get to pick and choose; mix and match the features to create your own bonus feature.

Spin Lab reminds you of the Star Trek movie, with the reels highlighted by columns of light and the electrical connections as a backdrop. The Spin Lab takes a step further with its futuristic design and bonus features. It might seem to be complicated, but at the end, it’s just a straightforward no deposit online casino slot game with wilds, free spins and scatters.

Despite the hype surrounding this no deposit online casino slot, it still manages to keep you occupied, even if it’s only for a short while. You will probably like the big news of controlling your wins with the free spins, but it’s more of a show rather than any truth. For the fast paced slot gamer, you will have for a while to get those wins rolling in. Make this science trip as it’s definitely worth the hype!

Watch Medusa’s Stare reward you with riches!

A fitting sequel to the original Medusa NextGen slot game; Medusa II surpasses the original in all aspects. Magical design and sound effect shines through on the reels as Medusa stares at you. You will definitely want her to look upon you in this 5 reel 243 ways to win, no deposit online casino slot game.

Balancing beauty with brains, Medusa II will rule the reels through the free spins, stacked wilds and wilds. It’s the Locked reels feature that brings her glory to full effect. Any of the 2, 3, 4 or 5 adjacent reels will lock and spin together showing the same symbol. It will certainly unlock the big wins.

Visually, it is a treat; this slot will have you staring at Medusa for a long time, in the hope of turning your coins into gold.

Bingo Billions – a tame and flat NextGen Game

Compared to the other two NextGen slot games, Bingo Billions is a rather tame and ordinary slot game. Having said that, you must give credit for NextGen to atleast try to give an unusual themed no deposit online casino slot game. There are not many Bingo themed slot games. If only NextGen had given more attention to its design and gameplay, then Bingo Billions would have been a smashing hit.

A 5 reel 25 payline slot game; it has the wilds, scatter and free spins to give you the wins. The rather highly distracting Bingo Caller makes the appearance as the Wild symbol and insistently shouts Bingo for every win. It gets tiresome after some time and you’ll want to press the mute button.

On the whole, play Bingo Billions to check out the new theme and for the small but consistent wins that it doles out.

NextGen Gaming is gearing up to be one of the top no deposit online slot games provider. Bringing in a new look in its design, gameplay and acoustics; it has enthralled the casino players with its new selection of slot games. Play them to experience the real casino feel any time and from anywhere on your mobile and tablet devices.