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New SuperBet Feature – How Does It Work?

Visit any online casinos UK website and a big portion of the promotion of the newly released slot games has this SuperBet feature highlighted. So, what is this SuperBet feature that every one of the recent NextGen and NYX Gaming slot games is boasting about? Promoted exclusively during their releases, you must be wondering what this money spinning feature is!

We have special information to unravel this exciting feature for you. Proceed and read our blog to get privy to all the titbits on how you can make this tempting feature work for you!

Unleash the wins through the SuperBet feature!

Online Casinos UK slot games have their own special way of luring the players to try out their new games. A big trick up their sleeves is the exclusive and recently introduced SuperBet Feature. NextGen and NYX Gaming have almost proprietary control over this exciting feature.

It has become almost a standard in all the recent slot games which they have released. Have a look at the Merlin’s Magic Respins, Foxin Wins Slots, Foxin Wins Again Slots, Miss Midas and many more online casinos UK slot games which have been released and you’ll know what we are talking about.

Firstly, the super cool (pun intended) feature is a betting option that has multiple levels which the players can choose to activate, in order to increase their winning chances and trigger extra features.

Typically there are three levels where the player places additional bet on the paylines in order to trigger the enhanced features. The extra amount is a multiple of your staked line bet and you can increase your payouts.

Secondly, this feature is associated with wilds and free spins feature. In the recent online casinos UK slot games such as Foxin Wins Again or Merlin’s Magic Respins, there are enhanced wild symbols which are seen mostly on the middle 3rd reel. This is generally the default level of the SuperBet feature, i.e., the level is OFF.

During the free spin feature, if this feature is enabled, then the wild symbol of the game will emerge on any or all of the 5 reels, depending on the level selected. All the wins with the enhanced wilds will be rewarded with multipliers or additional mini games are triggered, thereby increasing your winning chances.

Fine Print of the SuperBet Feature!

You should know that this feature is an additional wager that you will place on the slot games. It will enhance your base game’s winning chances as usually the enhanced wilds are seen on the middle third reel.

By placing the additional bet, you are increasing the odds of winning by having the enhanced wild symbol on the rest of the reels.

You should know that, even though you are increasing your line bet, the overall theoretical payout percentage of the game remains the same.

Depending on the online casinos UK slot game you are playing, the SuperBet level can range from 3 to 5, with each level adding more enhanced wilds and multipliers to the base game and the bonus free spins.

Enable this amazing feature only if you have a solid bankroll and are willing to play a high stake game. It can rapidly drain your account.

This is a terrific way of increasing your winning odds. You can win big with this excellent and profitable feature; which the online casinos UK website hosting the NextGen slot games has to offer. Open an online casinos UK account and get the big wins rolling in!