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Concept of Payout Ratios in Slot Games

Zooming in on the right online casino to play at is a difficult one. Adding to this confusion is the number of online casinos that are popping up every day. Each of them are highlighting their games, promotions, bonus offers etc to attract the players. But one factor which is of particular interest is the Payout of the casino games. It is commonly expressed as the Payout Ratio or the Payout Percentage.

Unravelling the payout ratios

A misunderstanding which a player always encounters is on what basis is the Payout Ratio given. It is always the amount of money that is paid back to the players based on the amount wagered. It is not based on the amount which is deposited at the casinos.

The next question that pops up is how is it calculated? In general, this is pre-programmed in the casino software at the factory itself for a land-based slot machine. In case of a online casino, it is loaded as a part of the random number generator software used. You can also read our blog on mobile slots guide for gamblers.

So, if a casino advertises that its payout ratio is 97%, it means that for every £100 that is wagered the player ends up with £97. A point to note is that this payout percentage is calculated over the life time of a slot machine.

Usually there is a minimum percentage below which the casinos cannot set such ratios for the slot games or the other casino games. This is set by the law governing that jurisdiction and is strictly followed. The usual payout ratio range is from 85% to around 98%. It can even be 100% but is not so, to enable for the casinos to make a profit.

The lure of a 100% payout is what makes the players take a bigger risk and continue playing.

Advantages of knowing the payout ratios

The casino payout is different from the individual slot game’s payout ratio. The casino payout is calculated based on the life time of the slot machine, a type of casino software used and the different games categories offered. Blackjack and Poker have a theoretical payout ratio of around 99%. Slots have a 95% to 98% payout ratio, while online roulette has around 95%.

All the different mobile slots games have different ratios for payout. It depends on the game category, theme, the game play design, bet wagered, coins selected and the number of paylines. It is always better to read the payout table before playing the slots game.

Individually, a winning combination is got by lining up the slot symbols in a specific pattern. The payout for that winning spin is calculated based on the number of coins selected, the bet wagered and the number of paylines selected. This amount is added to the final total.

The best online casino strategy that a slots player can use is to select the game and casino which has the highest payout ratio. Although you won’t find the individual payout percentage for the games, most of the online casino will publish the overall casino payout or percentage. It’s a strategy used by them to lure the new players.

Online slots players have another advantage over the land based players. They have access to the payout ratios for all the games which is impossible in the latter case. It’s displayed in the help section of the games.

Pointers for finding casinos with good casino payouts

  • The progressive slot games have a better payout ratio than the regular slots as you have to bet maximum for landing the jackpot.

  • Check for online certificates which guarantee that the casino has been audited for fairness, safety and security. It ensures that these ratios are legitimate and accurate.
  • Visit online gambling forums, read casino reviews, conduct searches for the good payout ratios
  • Play in online casinos as the payouts are higher compared to the land-based casinos. They don’t have to worry about the maintenance, operation costs as seen in the latter.
  • Generally casinos which have a quick and safe banking system in place offer the payouts on time.

Being aware of the above points, will help the player in deciding on which casino and the slots game to play. Play for the fun and enjoyment and if you win big, it’s like icing on the cake!