15 Jul

Are you on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

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Like, share, tweet, re-tweet or +1. It looks like that is all the players are doing today. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the three mantras which every online casino is chanting to make a mark on the player’s minds.

Guaranteed personalised attention

Jackpot Mobile Casino has its games and slots on every social media platform like Facebook, google+ or Twitter.

Being active on the social media and posting about various promotional offers, tasty titbits, and news about the online casinos has kept our players updated every day. Keeping them in the conversation loop and getting the curiosity going has made Jackpot Mobile Casino, the best online casino brand today.

On a personal level, we engage the players at a personal level. Being active everyday on these platform means, you can even, get close and personal updates from the players and other concerned personnel.

Google+ allows one to share interests, views and votes. We keep our players, followers updated with the happenings on Jackpot Mobile Casino. As said earlier, you can post anything right from videos, images to entire stories of your casino experience and know other player’s views, opinions, and experience on our Google+ page.

The other prominent social media platform, Facebook. We conduct contests to our casino players to keep them entertained and win some discount as well. We have Cashbacks where our player can deposit and win some percentage amount and attractive bonuses regularly with great HD images which other brands do not offer. Follow us on Facebook to keep yourself updated with jackpot mobile casinos offers.

Twitter is an ocean of information that is waiting to be consumed and shared. Teaser and snippet of information is one way to keep the involvement going. Players tend to skim over the details rather than read the content. A short, effective and simple content is more worthwhile in getting them to visit and play your games. Current trending topics, promotional offers and bonuses is the way we have opted for the online casinos to draw the potential players.

A preview of things to come!

We even tease the players with new game videos, info graphics or other juicy titbits about our casino. Follow your favourite casino, Jackpot Mobile Casino and you can have a privy to the various contests, online games and of course the bonuses, offers and promotions before it is posted on our website. You can get them faster and avail them even faster.

Get your act together, because, if you miss the social media bus, then you will certainly lose out on the thousands of potential players. Create your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts right now and follow us. Get good deals, participate in contests and win real money only on Jackpot Mobile Casino.