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Choosing between Cashable or Non Cashable Casino Bonuses

In the list of online casino bonuses that are floating around for the players to make use of; you can see two bonuses that are cropping up frequently- the cashable bonuses and the sticky or non cashable bonuses. The only way for the players to make the correct choice is to know the differences between them.

Cashable Casino Bonuses

The cashable bonuses are the most preferred ones, in spite of having the wagering requirement condition in place. It is because of the fact that you can withdraw both the bonus amount as well the profit that is obtained during your game play.

Consider the simple example of you placing £100 initial deposit. You are getting 200% cash match deposit, leaving you with a total amount of £300 for betting. A profit of £100 means that you can actually make a withdrawal of £400 after the wagering requirement is satisfied.

There is one thing to consider when the cashable bonus is offered. You should know whether there is maximum cash out limit or not for withdrawing.

In the case of the above example, if there is maximum cash out limit of £250; you can withdraw only £250. The rest of the amount of £150 is removed from your account.

Suppose there is no maximum cash out limit, then you can withdraw the entire balance of £400.

Non Cashable or Sticky bonus

You might have come across the condition that the non cashable bonus is for play purpose only and that it cannot be withdrawn. It actually means that the casino bonus is stuck with the casino. It can only be used for further wagering until it is finished. Even if you satisfy the wagering requirement; you can withdraw only the profit and the initial deposit.

It might seem unfair to the players, but it is the casinos way of recovering their investments. They are in the business of making a profit.

There are two types of non cashable bonuses: Phantom bonuses and Sticky bonuses

Basically, both of these bonuses are the same. Except that they have a slight difference. In the case of the phantom bonuses, it appears as part of the final amount which is available at the end of play. This amount is lost to the player the moment a withdrawal request is made.

In the case of the Sticky bonus, the bonus amount is still available for the players to make a wager. The only issue is that it cannot be withdrawn. This is where the name “Sticky Bonus” comes into picture.

Now, consider the same example with an initial deposit of £100, a cash deposit bonus of £100 and a profit of £100.

In the non cashable bonus like no deposit casino bonus, you can only withdraw £200 i.e. the initial deposit and the profit of £100. The cash bonus cannot be withdrawn.

In the non cashable bonuses also, the maximum withdrawal limit may or may not be available.

Consider a £200 initial deposit with a 100% match deposit casino bonus. You get a total wager of £400 for wagering on the games. At the end of the game after satisfying the wagering requirement, you have a balance of £800.

In the above example, there is a maximum withdrawal limit of £250. In this case, you have to subtract £200 (which is the bonus amount) from the £800 balance. Out of the £600, you can only withdraw £250 maximum. The remaining amount of £350 is removed from your account.

In case there is no maximum limit for cashing out, then you withdraw the entire amount of £600 after removing the non cashable bonus amount of £200.

A cautionary note on the wagering requirements

It is all right to be excited about the free bonuses that the casinos are offering. But it is the term and condition that should be noted before you accept the bonuses.

The casinos are protecting their interests by putting forth clauses regarding the wagering requirement, which must be satisfied before you make a withdrawal. If you try to make a withdrawal before satisfying the wagering requirement, you will lose both the deposit amount and all your wins.

The casino bonuses are applicable for only some games. In case the player wagers on such restricted games, they may forfeit all the wins as well as the bonus deposit.