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Cave Raiders Plunder the Treasure Trove of Slots World!

Hissing snakes, land of the undead, scarabs, Book of Dead, mummies – you get the picture right (pun intended). The stuff Hollywood moguls don’t fringe from trying out their latest gizmos and story lines on. The evergreen idea is the perfect script for raking in the millions.

If you’re wondering whether shifting through the dirt of time and pulling out mouldy skeletons, is a normal day’s job for the archaeologist, then Indiana Jones would have made it to the top level in his job right now. One of the best archaeology themed movies of our times; Harrison Ford and Sean Connery have shown what the father-son duo can do, to thwart the evil thinking of the Nazis.

While they are busy with that, the Egypt has been the hot favourite for slicing thorough the undead, scarabs, ancient booby traps and of course the Book of the Dead. The Mummies starring Brendan Fraser, John Hannah and Rachel Weisz; seems to bring out the best in them as they fight the reincarnation of the lovelorn Egyptian priest amid ancient pyramids, arid air and lost treasure.

Any Hollywood archaeology themed movie is incomplete without a token mention of the Tomb Raiders movie series. Why should only the boys have all the adventure, fun and the treasures? Lara Croft, the kickass dame is kicking the butt of the bad guys.

She has made the jump to the casino world as well, with a 5 reel slot game released a while back. Giving her brisk competition is the Cave Raider slots, another 5 reel 25 payline, mobile slots game from Nektan. Not exactly the actual archaeological stuff, but you will get the front row seat for watching the Indiana Jones Spoof character jump across the reels.

Ditch those shovels and punch in the coins, to rake in the treasure trove of up to 1,000 time your initial bet. Finder’s keeper is the central theme of this mobile slot game set against the jungle backdrop. Watch out for the hissing snakes, skulls and deadly traps as your only way of escape is by planes. The Wild Skulls can shake up your winnings with their power to replace the rest of the symbols.

If these virtual slot games don’t satisfy your wanderlust, then the pick of the cherries is the Jurassic Park series. The ultimate movie to bring back the prehistoric dinosaurs to our timeline; the havoc it causes when man interferes with nature is awesome. The special effects seen here are still the best that you will ever see in a movie.

The honourable movie mentions that include treasure hunting and adventure under the cloak of archaeology are the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, National Treasure movies series, King Solomon’s Mines, Sahara, Stargate and many more. For a movie buff, the list is endless and still counting. Well for the slots gambler, they will have to make do with the Cave Raider for now.