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Using Social Media Platform for Mobile Casino Promotions

Nearly everyone has a Tablet or Smartphone by which they are constantly connected. Constantly wired to the Internet, they are bombarded with messages from every business in town, to try out their products. Social Media is the main reason for this boon or bane, depending on your view point.

The mobile casino industry is making big waves, which is a big plus for all the casino players. They can enjoy the casino games right from the comfort of their home. It is a big business, with the revenue output running into millions. It is projected that the online casino gambling will be the top money generator for the gambling industry.

To make it to the top, the mobile casinos have to make a lot of effort to attract new players and retain them. Thinking up various marketing strategies which are cost effective, efficient and shows result is the latest mantra for those guys who love to play mobile slots games on the move.

Casino Marketing has opted to have social media as its bulwark for managing their online presence. It is an integral part of its strategy, with dedicated teams for handling this operation. You cannot ignore the importance of social media in the success of the jackpot casinos.

Using Social Media = Gaining Success

The current age bracket is from 20s to early 30s who are actively using the social platforms for their personal and business interactions. Being bombarded by thousands of messages, it’s just as easy to dismiss them without even looking at it.

Mobile casinos or even the online version, need the social media for keeping their brands in the news. They are always trying to reach out to this younger lot. The top platform is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Facebook tops the list with over 600 million users followed by Twitter. The new platform includes Vine and Instagram, while Goggle+ winds up the list.

The saying that a picture speaks a thousand words; is true for making an impact. YouTube is the best choice for the online and mobile casinos. The visual impact that a good promotion or message makes, is worth spending your money and time on it.

Social Media Magic Tricks

Social media uses a lot of campaigns, newsletters and info graphics to increase the traffic to their casino client website. Prizes, bonuses, promotions and contests are one way to keep the player interests. And the best way to do this is to convey the information in a precise, accurate and interesting way. It should be entertaining as well. With the proliferation of thousands of online messages, it’s important for them to get their point across on time.

The online and mobile casinos have to consider the 4 R’s of social media: Reputation, Recommendations Relationships and Reach.

In order to be at the top, they must maintain proper customer relationships with their users. This will in turn increase their reach through recommendations and word of mouth publicity; thereby cementing their reputations as worthwhile casino.

This social media exercise is like a two edged sword. It can have a positive and negative impact on the success of the mobile casinos. A positive result would be an increase in their revenue and market share. New business deals and a boost to their online presence will in turn reveal new customer base all over the world.

But one drawback is that a bad post or comment can snowball into a big cyber bomb which can explode at any time. How you react to this situation, makes a big impact to your later social media activities on the Internet. You might drop out of the big race due to negative publicity and subsequent financial, legal or other issues.

Make use of the social media to convert those non players into casino players. An effective social media presence will boost your growing audience, and add a competitive edge to your online casino marketing strategy.