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Common Roulette Mistakes to Avoid while Playing Online

There are numerous sites offering countless advices on ways avoid online roulette mistakes and how to play the online roulette game. Topping the list is also ways to win big and enjoy the game. We will let you in on some of the online roulette mistakes that the players usually make. Plus the ways to avoid these common mistakes, that plagues the mind of an online roulette player.

Not playing the least house edge roulette game

It is the most common of the online roulette mistakes. Of all the different online casino games, the one which gives you a better advantage is the French Roulette. Take note of the house edge that is around 1.35%, which is way below the one seen for the American roulette (5.26%) and the European roulette (2.7%). This is because of the 38 numbers (0 to 36 and 00) seen in the American roulette and the 37 numbers (0 to 36), seen in the European roulette.

Not keeping tight control on your bankroll

A good roulette player is one who has a good bankroll management system. Playing without any thought on how to wager and for long, it is a sure way of burning through your bankroll. You end up making wagers with money that you don’t possess. This will lead to potentially dangerous situations in both your personal and professional life. It’s always better to keep track of the amount that you can wager and its limits.

Playing a high stake game

When you are on a winning or losing spree, you want to recoup the amount at all costs. It’s a recipe for lessening your bankroll, as you end up playing high stakes games. In relation to the above online roulette mistakes, you might think that with a lower house edge, you can keep on upping the wagering. But it always better to keep track of your bankroll when playing the game.

Paying for roulette betting systems

If only the players, would keep in mind that the game of roulette, is purely based on luck and chance; this would result in a longer and stress free game of enjoyment. But, this is lost to most of the players, who end up paying for a lot of useless scams. These systems claim to calculate the odds of landing a winning number. Always note that there is equal chance of landing the red or black colour, the even or odd number.

Stick to one betting strategy

There is no single roulette strategy which will make you an overnight millionaire. In general, you can keep on betting whether you win or lose the rounds. It is based, on you increasing your bet when losing and decreasing your bets when you’re winning. It all depends on your attitude towards playing the game. The over enthusiastic novice player, forgets all this and goes on a betting spree without any thought on the consequences.

Letting emotions empower you

The most controlled roulette player can be overcome by emotions at some point. You must have a clear head when betting without getting mixed up with emotions. The only outcome of this online roulette mistakes is the spiralling bankroll and your confidence. Whether it’s winning or losing, cash in and walk out when you’re on an emotional high.

Ignoring the free online roulette games

A practice run on playing the online free roulette games will always work out in the end. Being familiar with the games, its payouts structure, with stop you from making mistakes, when playing with real money.

Plus it’s more money saving, compared to playing in a real land based casino. There are no extra charges involving travelling and accommodations.

Making combination bets

Another online roulette mistakes that the players make is placing multiple combinations bets. The idea is that by placing multiple bets on the table, they are spreading the odds of winning. Even if one bet fails, the other bets will win for them. But, they forget that the house edge still remains the same, whether it’s a single bet or multiple bet. Plus they end up reducing their bankroll (biggest roulette mistakes), if all their bets end up on the losing side.

Multitasking is a bad idea

In any other situation, multitasking is a great idea, but during online gaming it is best to stick to a single task. This common online roulette mistakes will make you lose attention of your bets and your bankroll.

Playing until you win back your losses

It’s a very bad online roulette mistakes, which is guaranteed to bring you more bad luck, rather than good fortune. In trying to recoup your losses, you start wagering money that you don’t have. You end up on the losing side. Play to enjoy the game, and remember that roulette is purely a game of chance and luck, but if you follow this blog you can still avoid few common roulette mistakes players do! But if you are looking for tips & tricks read our online roulette strategy blog.