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Liverpool v/s Arsenal Match Prediction!

This Saturday is going to be adrenaline pumping with the Arsenal and Liverpool clashing for a berth in the top four teams of the Premier League.  Set to fill the Emirates Stadium to maximum capacity, on Saturday, 4th April, this pivotal match between the third placed Arsenal and the fifth-placed Liverpool is set to bring the fans to their feet. Having a six point lead, is a big boost for the hosts, and with just seven games remaining, they are all set for a record 18th straight season in the Premier League.

Peaking at the right time, Arsenal had a terrific run in the league matches except for one disastrous game against Monaco. Hoping to continue their winning streak they are ready to play the defending champions.

Another reason to cheer for Arsenal’s boss Arsene Wenger, is the return from injury of Captain Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere and Mathieu Debuchy.

But Liverpool is no pushovers. Saturday’s match is a must win situation for them. Plagued with injuries and suspensions, they must secure a berth in the top four to have a chance of winning the cherished cup. A loss at this stage will be a hard hit for the Reds to crawl back from.

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers, will have to make some difficult tactical decisions when he selects his starting eleven against the Arsenal. Injury questions over the Liverpool players such as Raheem Sterling, Daniel Sturridge and Adam Lallana, and 3 match suspension for Martin Skrtel and Steven Gerrard are a big blow for this must-win encounter against Arsenal.

Coming from the games sidelines are interesting news about the highly anticipated football game. As a first in the history of the Premier League, both Arsenal and Liverpool will have their team prep talks broadcast live from the dressing rooms. Fans will get a close look at their team’s morale through the live streaming, courtesy of Periscope.

New social media platform Periscope will get a big boost for its app. Making a leap to the Big League (pun intended) it hopes to bring in for the two broadcasts, a combined 250,000 viewers which would set a new record for the app.

The big bosses of both the country clubs initially were reluctant to have the pep talks of both the teams to be broadcast live. Arsenal’s boss Arsene Wenger and Liverpool’s boss Brendan Rodgers warmed up later to the idea, stating that it was a smart move to draw in more fans from the Asia and UAS to the Champions Premier League. Both teams have agreed upon strict rules to be followed by the teams, with only the captains talking during the interview.

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