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How Casinos Attract The Women Gamblers

The casinos are no longer the domain of men. This is just the right time for the casinos to take note of the surge of women breaking the gender barrier. The more the merrier right, and with the rise of the women gamblers, the casinos are in the right mood (pun definitely intended).

Women gamble for the thrill, excitement and the social experience. The men gamble for the power, control, skills and of course the money linked with playing the game.

Women tend to be comfortable around the luck based and less attention needing casino games. Bingo, slots and scratch cards dominate the women gamblers game list. You can almost see the hesitation from the women when they want to play the card games. It’s not that they don’t want to, but the fear of entering the male domain and being mocked at; is what stopping them. This is definitely true in the case of a land based casino.

Internet and online casinos are a welcome respite; due to their anonymity and excellent games collection. No longer judged or ridiculed; the women gamblers can play their desired casino games and enjoy the attention showered by the casino patrons. If the casinos knew any better, luring these women gamblers should be their top priority.

The casinos are already making the right noises, by making the games available. The next step is making the ladies comfortable. And the casinos are hoping to do just that by handling the below points to their advantage.

Add an element of familiarity

Women gamblers stick to games that have a familiar ring to it. Introduce games which they can identify with, such as slots, scratch cards games based on the latest movies, TV shows or reality shows.

Some online casinos are more popular than others, due to their marketing strategies, keeping the women gamblers in mind. They have a user friendly look and feel with demo version of the online games that encourage them to try and test them before investing their real money.

Introduce soft gambling casino games

Being conservative is built-in the women’s psyche. They are not a big fan of spending enormous money on the high risk games such as table games. More comfortable playing the low risk Slots, Bingo or Scratch cards; the casinos must have a collection of games that are wallet friendly. Incase if you are new to the online gambling industry we have a special mobile slot guide written along with to top10 tips for gamblers which can be referred before betting.

Stop stereotyping women gamblers

While the above points are valid for the general female players, casinos should really stop making them as the rule. There are many exceptions to these generalisations. You will be surprised by the number of female gamblers, who don’t want the pink, delicate and flowery version of the online casinos.

They want to be treated seriously and not be labelled as a mom, housewife or a control freak; but as a serious online gambler.

Tap into the mobile casino market

It is a known fact that the number of women gamblers playing the mobile casino games is on the rise. Recent advancement in the mobile gaming technology has made it convenient, secure and safe for the women players to indulge in their gaming session. Away from the prying eyes; they can play these casino games while on the move anytime and from anywhere.

Offers, Bonuses and Promotions

The casinos are no stranger to the concept of freebies. All the women love free things and will love to get their hands on them. The free spins, free plays, no deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses along with the seasonal promotions and offers are geared towards attracting the female gamblers.

 Women tend to gamble online more in times of a financial crisis and want to help out their families. So it makes sense to lure them, thorough bonuses, promotions and special offers. Promote the different casino games which have high payouts, better winning chances, and you will have the female gamblers lining up at your casinos.

The female gamblers are on the rise and will continue to do so in the near future. The online casinos can make them their golden goose by keep a right balance between the male and female gamblers. It’s not hard for them to target these players to satisfy both their interests and bankroll (pun intended).