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Boku Payment Option is a Big Hit

Boku payment option adopted by the casino industry, is definitely a big hit and a success story. Safe, quick and extremely convenient; it is being incorporated into the existing banking methods of the online and mobile casinos.

Before we talk about why Boku is a big success story, a quick rundown is needed on how it works. Whenever an online purchase for digital goods or payment is made, the amount is credited to your monthly phone bill, i.e. the telecom carrier is charged.

Boku is associated with the major telecom networks like Vodaphone, O2, Orange, Virgin Mobile and many more. Once you have selected the mode of payment, the single click operation of the Boku makes it convenient and easy for the user to use it.

Boku Payment Option

Wide spread use of the Boku payment option in mobile devices

Everyone now has a phone and is more convenient to use it for making small purchases online like video games, apps, or using for your online casino banking. The widespread use of the Internet has made it convenient and extremely useful for the people to go for this payment option from anywhere and while on the move.

With the smartphone penetration increasing every year, the quality of service is also at an all-time high. You can access them from every type of mobile device with different platform and versions.

Low processing fees

The success behind Boku payment option is its low processing fees. Compared to the usual fees, levied at around 30% to 40% for using the credit cards by the merchants, Boku has reduced this to an extremely competitive percentage of around 10%.

The Boku payment option is more widespread in the Europe rather than the US. The major hurdle faced is the high transaction fees that the US carriers like AT&T levies on its merchants. Due to this not many businesses are currently using this service in the US. But, as the popularity and widespread use increase, you will find Boku is being the most preferred mode of payment.

Instant access to your funds

The regular banking option usually takes time for processing and accessing your casino funds. All that Boku needs is simple confirmation text from your registered mobile to play your favourite mobile slots. This will directly give access to your funds instantly.

Safe, Secure and Encrypted Transactions

Boku payment option is fast gaining a reputation for being a safe, secure and trusted payment option. For the countless of players who are jittery of divulging their personal or banking details to the mobile or online casinos, Boku is the best and ideal choice.

All it requires for a successful transaction is your mobile phone number. You will be required to verify and confirm the billing amount with a simple text message. Once it is confirmed, you will be given an e-receipt to authenticate its success. The entire transaction is handled in less than 10 seconds, making it completely safe, encrypted and secure.

Popular among all

The Boku story is a big hit mainly because it’s the ideal option for all the people. Not many have credit/debit cards or are bank account holders. The only requirement is a valid mobile phone number.

You don’t have to fill out large number of fields for completing the transaction as seen in the other banking methods like credit cards or e-wallets etc. Plus, there is no necessity of divulging all your banking or personal details.

Boku payment option is perfect for the responsible or the low betting player. There is a daily transaction limit of 30 pounds. In a way, it acts as a deterrent for losing all your money at one shot. You can track your gambling habit and take action if it goes beyond your control.

Boku is a Big Hit!

If there is anything else that will add to the growing list of Boku’s popularity is the trust that the people have in this payment option.

No longer are they worried of scams or frauds that one sees in the other casino banking options. With these many advantages, Boku is a successful and hit story among the casino players and the establishments.