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Run for a £2500 Money Marathon

It is time plunder all we can because the Money Marathon is on. It is everything you may need to earn a whopping £2500. It is an opportunity for all the legitimate new players to gain online casino no deposit bonus and be a part of Money Marathon. The players will get two Leaderboards to count their wins and keep an eye on the wagering records. Any player, who bets £10 in any mobile casino game, will gain 1 point. The Money Marathon is in progress and it will end on 27th April, 2016. Let’s watch out for the lucky winner, who will take home the massive £2500 prize money.

Money Marathon – An Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Begins..

Run for a £2500 Money Marathon

The Money Marathon is on. The main Leaderboard is active and running. Many new and old players are part of this tournament and they are enjoying the thrill of climbing up the winning list. You can be part of this amazing tournament only till 27th April. After that the winners will be announced. To keep the momentum on, the casino is also running mini Leaderboard in every few days. The winners of each mini Leaderboard will be awarded by £250. So join the casino now, get online casino no deposit bonus and start gambling on your favourite games.

Who Can Take Part?

Any player, who is above 18, can join the casino, login to his account and be a part of Money Marathon. The dates of Mini Leaderboard are as follows:

  • 14th April 00:00 – 17th April 23:59
  • 18th April 00:00 – 20th April 23:59
  • 21st April 00:00 – 23rd April 23:59
  • 24th April 00:00 – 27th April 23:59

Take one step at a time. Take the lead on the mini leaderboard. Get your £250 and invest them in other games to increase your wager and earn more points. It is necessary for each participant to deposit and bet at least £10 in any offered casino game. You can apply your online casino no deposit bonus for it. The casino will update Leaderboard from time-by-time to inform you about your position. You can push your limits to keep up your position and gun for the mega jackpot.

The Way You Can Earn Points:

Earning points in Money Marathon is quite simple. You need to big your wallet for just £10 and wager it on your favourite casino game. You will get 1 point. Bingo. Keep going and keep checking the leaderboard to see how to fare compared to others. If you are new to casinos, join the casino and get your online casino no deposit bonus to start betting. If your overall performance is great, then you can win the prizes given below:

  • 1st prize: £1,000 Cash
  • 2nd prize: £300 Cash
  • 3rd prize: £200 Cash

Whether you win the first, second or third prize, the winning amount will get credited in your account within 72 hours of promo completion. As a winner, you can claim the winning prize within 30 days.

Don’t be late! Make your first move by claiming your online casino no deposit bonus today! Top the Money Marathon leaderboard