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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Jimi Hendrix

A recent announcement about Jimi Hendrix slots gets us to this interesting subject on life of this rock star. Yes, Jimi Hendrix is one of the most popular guitarists to have ever graced this planet but there are quite a few things people don’t know about him. Some of it gets highlighted in the Jimi Hendrix slots and here are some others:

His real name is Johnny Allen

Jimi Hendrix was actually born as Johnny Allen Hendrix, but later his father changed it to James Marshall Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix was set to record with Miles Davis once.

This was supposed to happen in 1969 but the idea was unfortunately dropped as Davis demanded an extra $50,000 at the last minute. His request was denied and thus the session was cancelled.

Jimi Hendrix allegedly fathered a son and a daughter.

While there was never a blood test taken to prove that the children were his, Swedish courts recognised the boy James as his son.

Jimi Hendrix could not read or write music.

Yes, it is true. He would thus usually record his musical ideas on tape rather than writing them out

He once played bass and guitar for a single by Jayne Mansfield.

Hendrix played bass and guitar on “Suey,” the b-side to “As The Clouds Drift By.” sang by the actress.

Jimi Hendrix was arrested on several occasions.

Twice while riding cars as a teen and once while participating in a civil rights demonstration in Washington DC.

He used to have a bad case of stage fright when he started out.

He said he used to play hiding behind the curtains, and frequently used to feel that other guitarists were much better sounding than him.

Jimi Hendrix once used to stay in Berkeley, California.

He was abandoned by his mother in 1945 and stayed with a Californian family for several months until his father came to take him back to Seattle.

Jimi Hendrix was a huge fan of the batman TV series.

He even donned capes like batman and he also supposedly turned to his drummer on of his shows and said “ Are you ready, Robin? “.

Jimi Hendrix once recorded a radio Jingle for the BBC.

It was called the Radio one theme and it had lyrics too.

The Purple Haze by Hendrix was inspired by a science fiction story.

Phillip Jose Farmer’s “Night of Light” was the book that inspired Jimi Hendrix to write that song and not drugs as most believe.

Jerry Lee Lewis declined to shake Jimi Hendrix’s hand.

Hendrix once met 1950’s Rockstar Jerry Lee Lewis, but Lewis declined to shake Hendrix’s hand.

Jimi Hendrix once performed a psychedelic version of La Marseillaise, the French National Anthem.

This he did in one of his concerts in Paris. Unfortunately the French government found the rendition insulting, confiscated the film and never returned it.

The idea of burning his guitar was not originally Hendrix’s.

A British journalist named Keith Altham suggested it to Jimi Hendrix to grab headlines. After experimenting a few times in his dressing room with his guitar and lighter fluid, the plan amazingly worked.

His wild lifestyle and the army connection

Jimi Hendrix was once detained for stealing cars, the judge gave him a choice to join the army or serve in prison for 2 years. He chose to serve the country and therefore was a tidy man even though he had a wild lifestyle.

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