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Cash Stampede vs Big 5 Slots Game

Cash Stampede and Big 5 are the games that are based on an African safari theme. And as with all things alike we need to compare them to know where they stand against each other. So, here we go..

Safari at Cash Stampede or Big 5 Slots Game

Well both Cash Stampede and Big 5 slots games are based as on an African Safari theme as said before but the representation of this theme in both the games is poles apart. In Big 5 slots game, watch out for Lions, Rhinos, Elephants, Leopards and Buffalos. In Cash Stampede casino mobile slots, you will spot Antelopes, Horses and Bisons along with Rhinos and Elephants. While the makers of Big 5 slots have decided to go with a toned down, classic sort of theme Cash Stampede slots is all about glamour. The theme grows on you and you begin to appreciate the genius of the designers. Big 5 slots game on the other hand is simple but classic lovers will enjoy it, no arguing on that. So, theme wise both the games are quite attractive in their own way.

A Look at the Gameplay of the Safari Themed Slots

Big 5 slots is a classic 3 reel and 1 payline slot. There are two ways to win in the Big 5 slots apart from getting three matching symbols. Either landing one or two cherries anywhere on the payline will let you win 2x or 5x your stake per line respectively. Or getting bar symbol can land you 5x your stake. But nothing pays better than the king of the jungle. Land 3 lions and get straight 2400 coins in your account. All you need to do is to choose your stake by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons underneath the reels and you are good to go. Big 5 slots has a simple gameplay like it’s theme. But it’s more than fun to play.

Cash Stampede vs Big 5 Slots Game

On the other hand Cash Stampede has nothing to do with simple. It has a staggering 243 ways to win and an array of bonus features to add to that. It also has the sticky wild feature which increases your winning probability. The game play options are so varied that even after spending hours on the slot you still would not have brought all the bonus features into play. And that’s in line with the theme of this game. Glamour and grandeur. But guess what? It’s extremely entertaining too!!

While both Big 5 slots game and Cash Stampede slots game are based on animal themes, both the games are extremely different from each other. But at the same time entertaining as well. Go enjoy them and decide for yourself as to which one is the better one.