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Boku – An Online Casino Pay by Phone Bill Method

What is the first concern that comes to your mind when playing on an online casino? Is it about the method of payment you use? How safe will be your account? What if someone hacks your account? While there is no end to paranoia, at Jackpot Mobile Casino we assure you best and safest payment methods. But if you are still hesitant about paying with your bank accounts or credit cards, then why not use the other option? We are not talking about cash cards here! Now you can use Boku, which is an online casino pay by phone bill method. How convenient it is to simply pay for your online casino expenditure in your next phone bill!

Online Casino Pay by Phone Bill is The Best and Easy Way!

While many of you would still be voting for PayPal and our other payment partners, you must look at what Boku has to offer as well. Boku is solely dedicated to online casino pay by phone bill process. Nothing else goes on in their servers ever! So, the chances of any mistakes are out of question! And no one can crawl into your bank account or other personal details.

Paying on Jackpot Mobile Casino using Boku will be like making a call. You get charged for it, and it comes to you added in your monthly bill. But do not think it will cost you more! Boku is a completely free of cost service for its consumers. If you deposit £20 with us, you get £20 worth of credits to play at your favourite casino games.

Having partnered with all the major network companies of the UK, you can avail Boku’s online casino pay by phone bill services for sure. If you have a working UK number and have credits available in it, then Boku is the way! Whether you have an O2, Orange, Vodafone, Tesco, or any other major network connection, you are eligible to avail the online casino pay by phone bill services. There is no registration required, because your phone number is your username! The bank is also not involved here at any point of time, so you do not have to worry about the security. And of course it is very convenient. Within a few clicks and entering your phone number, you can have access to the best online casino games at Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Few Things To Remember..

While Boku is a convenient way of depositing in your Jackpot Mobile Casino accounts, there are some limitations that are tagged along. Boku only supports small transactions, so if you are a high roller, you might have to switch to another mode of payment such as PayPal or Credit Cards if you are looking for depositing more than £30 in a day. And, there are only four possible amounts you can deposit – £3, £5, £10, and £20. Also, you can only deposit using this service. There is no other way round available for you to withdraw using Boku.

There are two sides of every coin! But in this case, there are certainly more positive points for you to consider. Once you start using Boku for depositing into your casino account, you will definitely not go back to other elongated processes for sure and this is why Boku payment option is a big hit!

Boku - An Online Casino Pay by Phone Bill Method