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Pros and Cons of Gambling Online

The never ending debate of whether gambling online is good or bad will go on until infinity. As long as people exist, they will continue to visit casinos and gamble. The proliferation of the mobile and Internet boom, catapulted the gambling online from the brick and mortar setting to the virtual world.

Different arguments have been placed regarding the legalisation of gambling online. Why? It’s not everywhere in the world, that gambling is allowed. Some countries restrict it based on religious, moral, social and legal sentiments.

The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages that surround the gambling online.

Generating employment in gambling online industry

It is a common point raised by the casinos to support their argument. The promise of generating employment in the surrounding communities is a valid one. For a land based casino it provides job opportunities to the hospitality, security, tourism, food, retail and other industries which have some part to play in the setting up of the casinos. From the online casino gambling’s point of view, it gives the developers, designers and other personnel involved in developing a website jobs.

Giving a boost to the global economy, it is a great way to generate funds required to have a comfortable life.

On the flip side, the casino draw jobs from other sectors; negatively impacting their growth. In case of economic downturn, the communities may not recoup from this and sustain their current employment rate.


It is the best point that the proponents of gambling online  have in their support. Anyone over the legal age of 18 years can enjoy the online or mobile casino games free. For the risk-averse player, there is the fun version that doesn’t win you money, but gives you entertainment. As long as they don’t overspend and run into debts; it promises to be a great source of entertainment.

In the course of getting their entertainment, caution should be exercised to prevent unnecessary risks, debts, spoiling relationships with colleagues, family and friends. You can also read our blog on gamblers fallacy that may help you to understand few more terms in gambling.

Source of Revenue

The professional gambler is the only one who can make gambling online act as a source of revenue. In challenging economic times, people turn to gambling as a source of generating income. It can be helpful in the short run, but it is always ends up in running debts, going bankrupt or even worse. Gambling online should be only a source of entertainment.

Filling the Tax Coffers

Casinos are great tax generators; although this depends on the individual casinos and their honesty to pay the taxes regularly. It can add to the tax exchequer and generate the necessary funds needed to build the infrastructure and the economy.

Not all the gambling online establishments stick to this route. It can result in money embezzlement, money laundering and other black market activities.

Problem Gambling and Addiction

Crossing a limit beyond which gambling online turns into an addiction and problem is the most important concern facing us. The onus on deciding when this entertainment turns into an addiction, is vital to prevent their adverse effects. The physical, emotional, financial, legal and moral stability is affected by all the people involved. we also have a expert blog written on how casinos attract women gamblers, please give it a shot if you want to know more.

Anything which is beyond our reach will tempt us; that’s basic human tendency. So if gambling online is legalised, then the general opinion is that the people would not be addicted to gambling. If you are a responsible gambler, having control over your gambling then this should not be a problem.

Affects Crime Rates

There is not much evidence to support that the crime rates either increases or decreases in areas surrounding the casinos. But, the general consensus is that, some people in gambling debts resort to violence in order to get the money required to pay it back.

In order for the land based or the online casinos to work out, proper rules and regulations and their correct enforcement is required. The number of online frauds, scams and thefts are an indication that casinos are neither safe nor a guaranteed means of income.

The average player is looking to have fun online or visiting the real casino, while making money in the process. At the end of the day, it is the individual’s choice whether they want to risk everything they have for the slim chance of winning big. A bit of commonsense, smart betting and luck is what drives the players towards the gambling online. The pros outweigh the cons. A right balance of fun and entertainment with responsible gambling will go a long way in making your gambling enjoyable.