22 May

Myths and Facts of Slots Machines

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If it isn’t true, it’s a myth. There are hundreds of reasons why you should not go about following the myths that’s surrounding a slots machine. The best and most sensible one is that you will lose your money, if you wind up blindly following them. While this is one hell of a reason; there are some of those who still have some misconceptions surrounding a slot machine

Before demystifying on the myths surrounding a slot machine, it pays to know how it works. A tiny computer chip is the genie deciding on who gets to win the jackpot. The Random Number Generator (RNG) continuously cycles through thousands of numbers per second. It randomly picks one number which determines the final stop position on the reels that shows the winning symbol combination.

The most common myth surrounding a slot game is that it can be tampered with. It is highly unlikely, since this RNG is cycling through the numbers every second, even when it’s idle. So, there is no way you can actually predict which number is going to pop up.

Look at the most bizarre and funny myths, that we have found circulating over the web.

1. The slot machine is long overdue for a jackpot win

Just because it has not been giving a win, doesn’t mean that the win is overdue. Every spin is completely random and independent. It is not influenced by the previous spins nor will it predict the next spin. Hitting a jackpot is a possibility, but don’t wait for it.

2. Machines that are closer to the entrance are more loose and those nearer to quieter zones are tight

There are no loose or tight slot machines. If that were so, then the casinos would run the risk of losing the players if work got out that they have been tampered with. It’s just another slots myth that holds no truth.

3. If I had played a bit longer, I would have won the jackpot instead of the next player

Even if you had continued to play on the slot machine, it’s the RNG which decides the next winning spin. It is constantly cycling through the random numbers and picking one number even when it’s idle. So the probability of you landing the winning spin is slim, even if you had continued to play a bit longer.

4. The time of the day, decides on how the slot machines give their payouts

Not true at all. The RNG is constantly cycling through millions of numbers per second. It decides the random number and is totally independent of the previous number. So, no matter what time of the day or night you play, you can’t predict the outcome of the next spin.

5. Betting only one coin will increase your wins

Betting one coin will extend your time playing on the machine and give you more time to change your luck. If you bet more coins, you might lose them more quickly or win a lot more if you are lucky. It is quite ironic that it works in both ways for the player.

6. If you use the slot cards, the casino might short change you with the wins

On the contrary, if you don’t use your player card, you will lose out on the various comps and offers that are associated with it. The machine doesn’t care if you are using slot cards or real coins. It is again the job of the RNG to determine the winning number.

7. By using the player card, my details are being compromised

The player card is a way of monitoring and rewarding the players for their loyalty. Also, the status level of the card does not influence the outcome on the slot machine. The casinos have to report to the authorities if the winnings are above the set limit. They will have a record of your gross losing or winning, if you are a regular player.

8. Slot machines can be remotely controlled to influence the payouts

While it is not entirely true; there are some experimental served based slots which can be remotely controlled by the casinos. It is still in the future, but the casino watchdogs will continue to monitor and audit the casinos to safeguard the players’ interest. As of now, it is not possible.

It is upto the players to believe or dismiss the various myths surrounding the slot machines. Most of them are false, and is the result of misinformation on how the slots machines work. It is a game of chance and the anticipation of winning big is what makes the players come back for more.