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Random Number Generator & Fair Mobile Casino Games

Fair Gaming is the cornerstone on which the players trust their money when playing. Entrusting their money on the casino games, in the hope of landing a win, is why they visit the casinos. All mobile casino games for real money are merely based on luck and chance. It is this randomness and the anticipation of a win that makes gambling the most popular pastime. In the virtual setting this randomness and chance factor must be man-made. This is where the Random Number Generator comes into picture. All the casinos use this Random Number Generator to decide on the next outcome in the casino games.

Fair gaming and using the RNG goes hand in hand when dealing with the reputation of the casino. The entire premise of ensuring randomness and fair gaming in the casinos is the basis on which it survives in this tough casino world.

How does a casino assure Fair Gaming?

The duty of providing the players quality games and ensuring fairness is entirely on the casinos. Game fairness is assured by providing all the players with equal chance of winning. This entire process should be completely random, so that there is no partiality or bias involved.

One way of assuring this is by the use of Random Number Generator. It can be even called as the brains or the lifeblood of the casinos. As the name itself suggest, the system randomly generates the numbers. It is this random number which will decide your fate when playing the casino games.

There is no pattern or sequence to selecting this random number; just a random number that is spilled out every millisecond that the number generator is running.

Unravelling the Random Number Generator

The RNG as it is commonly known is the software that is used by the online casinos to generate the particular number on which the slots or the roulette wheel stops spinning. It is the number which decides how the cards are dealt in a game of Blackjack or Poker.

An interesting fact about the random number generator used by the online casinos is that the most popular RNG algorithm is the Mersenne Twister. The two version of this algorithm known as the MT19937 and MT1993-64, were developed by two Japanese mathematicians, Takuju Nishimura and Makoto Matsumoto in 1997.

The working of this Random Number Generator algorithm is based on the principle of the starting seed number. This random number is used by the RNG algorithm to generate a new random number. The process continues again, with the previous number being the next seed number. This is what decides the randomness of the casino games.

In a true mathematical sense there is no randomness in using the RNG. You can only come as close to being random when using the RNG. This is due to the large number of possibilities that can occur before the same sequence of random numbers can occur.

The RNG is working nonstop in the background. It is entirely disconnected with the games played, the coins used, the bets wagered or even the type of deposits made.

Are RNG’s used by the casinos truly fair

Yes and No. As said earlier, the algorithm used by the number generator is built by a human, which naturally implies there is always a pattern or a sequence. But the high level of random numbers generated per millisecond, makes it impossible for the casinos or the players to manipulate the RNG’s.

In theory, if you know the starting seeding number and the algorithm used; you can predict the next random number. Know this secret, and it is closing time for all the online casinos.

In reality, all the online casinos must have their Random Number Generator independently audited and tested to ensure fairness. Various organisations such as eCOGRA, TST give their seal of approval only after rigorously investigations is carried out. As long as the casinos have these approval seals; you can be assured that the RNG’s used by the online casinos are fair.

Any malpractice by the casinos with respect to the random number generator can make the casinos to lose their license to operate. The loss of reputation, finance and legal standing will be something which they cannot afford to lose. Hence, it is important for the casinos to ensure fair casino gaming.