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Glossary of Commonly-Used Baccarat Terms



– Action refers to the total amount of money a Baccarat player has wagered on a given Baccarat session.


– the Spanish word for the Banker or bank in Baccarat games.

Baccarat en Banque

– is one of the most commonly played variations. Here, the gaming action unfolds on two conjoined Baccarat tables.


– is the amount of money a player has set aside to wager on Baccarat games.


– Burning is discarding the top three or six cards from the card deck. This is done after the cards are shuffled but before a new gameplay round commences.

Chemin de Fer

– Another – popular Baccarat variation available at land-based and online gambling venues.


– At brick-and-mortar casinos, Baccarat games are played with special chips. And these special chips are referred to as cheques.


– This French term describes one complete gameplay round played by Baccarat players.


– This is the Spanish word for the dealer.

Deux Tableau

– Another term for the Baccarat en Banque version.

Discard Tray

– The discarded cards in Baccarat games are placed in a special box. This box is known as the discard tray.

Down Card

– A card placed face down is called a down card in Baccarat games.

Dragon Bonus

– Dragon Bonus is one of the most popular Baccarat side bets. Here, players wager on the specific number of points by which the winning hand will exceed the losing hand. A payout is offered here if the difference between the winning and losing hands is more than four points.

Ede sorting

– Edge sorting is an advantage gambling technique where players exploit the manufacturing defects on playing cards.

Face cards

– These are cards having a picture on them. In a standard 52-card deck, these are Jacks, Kings and Queens.

Flat bettors

– Players who continuously place the same type of bet – regardless of winning or losing – are known as flat bettors.

High Roller

– A Baccarat player placing huge wagers for longer periods.

La Grande

– Another term for a natural 9. La Grande is the best hand to have in Baccarat games.

La Petite

– Another term for a natural 8. This is the second-best hand to have in Baccarat games.

Loss Bet

– A wager against the bank is known as a loss bet. This is because other Baccarat wagers have a comparatively high house edge.


– This is a negative progression online Baccarat betting strategy to use at Baccarat tables.

Mini Baccarat

– is a simplified version of standard Baccarat with lower table limits.

– When playing Baccarat games, a natural is when the sum of the first two cards adds up to 8 or 9.


– A palette is a wooden tool used by land-based and live Baccarat dealers to move cards on the table.


– Pass refers to a winning Baccarat wager.

Punto Banco

– This is a highly popular Baccarat version at almost every land-based and online casino platform. Punto Banco translates to “Player” and “Banker” in English.


– Push refers to a Baccarat wager that neither wins nor loses.


– This Baccarat side betting option allows players to wager on multiple hands.


– Shoe is an automatic shuffling machine that’s present at land-based and live casino tables. A shoe is in place to avoid errors that may arise due to the natural shuffling of cards.


– A Baccarat term used to describe the Banker’s hand.


– This card is placed face up on the table.


– Another term for Baccarat high rollers.


So, this covers our article on the most commonly used Baccarat terms. Now that you know the popular Baccarat phrases, it’s time to enjoy some Baccarat gaming action on our platform. We have a vast selection of online and live Baccarat games for players. And do check out our online Baccarat tips to make the most of your Baccarat gaming action. Happy gaming there!