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The Different Roulette Chips Types You Need to Know About


Roulette is a fascinating casino classic enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. While the game is quite easy to start, you need to understand the fundamentals of Roulette to play it optimally.

One key element of Roulette that you need to know about is Roulette Chips. This article details why casinos use chips instead of real cash. Also, we touch down on the different Roulette chip types and their values. Could you stick with us?

Why do Roulette tables use chips instead of cash?

As with many other casino games, chips are an integral part of Roulette tables. Casinos have been using Roulette for decades now, though their form and appearance have changed substantially from the past. As a player, you might wonder why casinos don’t allow the usage of real cash and prefer chips instead. Well, there are several reasons for that:

  • First, the size of all Roulette chips is usually equal. So, using them keeps things much tidier at the Roulette table.
  • Next, using chips makes it easier for the croupier to know which player is wagering how much (each player is given a different-coloured Roulette chip).
  • Many players are more comfortable placing large wagers using Roulette chips than fiat money. Also, as chips occupy a small area on the table, they make it easier for players to spot popular Roulette patterns.
  • Finally, Roulette chips are exclusive to a single Roulette table. So, it eliminates the risk of a rogue player stealing them and using them at other Roulette tables or casinos.

Chip values at land-based Roulette tables

Chips usually don’t come with set values when playing Roulette at a brick-and-mortar casino. After taking a seat at the Roulette table, players are given a stack of chips of varying colours. The difference in colour helps dealers quickly identify the bets placed by different players.

Then before the commencement of the gameplay round, you need to assign some value to your chips. Ideally, you can choose whatever value you like, but it must be aligned with the table’s minimum and maximum limits. After assigning the value, you must signal the dealer to take note of that.

Based on your wager amount, you need to place the required number of chips in the designated area on the table. When the gameplay round ends, you can change your chip value. Note that Roulette chips are usually exclusive to a single table, meaning you can’t use them to play other Roulette games at the casino. It would help to exchange them for real cash once you’re done playing.

Chip values in online Roulette games

Playing Roulette online is a lot easier for you. This is because online and live Roulette games don’t require players to assign values to their chips. Instead, these games make use of standard chips with pre-set values. Also, the best mobile casino software keeps track of all the chips wagered, so players can handle the dealer missing to take notes of their bets.

How are Roulette chips made?

Roulette chips, and casino chips in general, have been around for centuries. In the past, Roulette chips were made using ivory and clay. To prevent rogue players from duplicating the chips, casinos imprinted their branding on the chips and uniquely designed them.

Today, Roulette chips are usually made of clay or composite materials. These chips are manufactured using a process called injection moulding. The exact method of making these chips is kept secret to avoid their counterfeit production. Also, the process of making these chips varies from one manufacturer to another.

When playing at UK casinos, the chips’ weight can be between 8 to 16 grams. And the chips weigh around 10 grams in the case of American casinos. Some top manufacturers of Roulette chips are Abbiati, GTI Gaming, and Gaming Partners International.


So, this was all that you needed to know about casino Roulette chips. When playing online, one doesn’t have to worry about assigning values to Roulette chips, as they have pre-set values. But it’s an important thing to do when playing Roulette at land-based tables.

 If you want to try an innovative Roulette variation along with standard Roulette, go with Auto Roulette, which automatically spins the wheel. We also have a comprehensive Auto Roulette guide to help you get started. Happy gaming there!