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The House Advantage in Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most played casino games in the land-based and online casinos and has stood on its spot for years. However, when the player plays Blackjack with strategy, there is a good chance for him to win great payouts. But that is a fact that casinos are not doing a losing business. They must be profitable despite players winning big jackpots. This is explained with the help of house advantage or house edge. This house edge is present in online Blackjack games too.

The House Advantage in Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack is to be Played with Strategy

Every casino site you visit has a slightly different house edge for the games. The games can be any of the casino games such as online Blackjack, slots, Poker, Roulette etc. This means that every casino has a specific percent of the money that they keep from the player’s wagering. To understand it better, let’s take an example. If the house edge is 1% so the casino gets £1 for every £100 the player wagers. The concept of house advantage is legal and has been approved by all the gambling associations. It is obvious that if there is no house edge, the casino will go in a debt as it has to pay the employees and maintain other features that take a lot of money.

House Advantage in Blackjack

Online Blackjack is said to have the lowest house advantage or house edge amongst the casino games. This house advantage can range anywhere from 0.5% to 2%. If the players use various basic strategies to play, it makes the house edge even lower.

The different rules in the Blackjack game have a huge effect on the house edge and the casinos actually set these rules to increase their profits. The rules can also sometimes be in the favour of the player. All of it depends on how you play your hand in the blackjack game. Some examples of the rules that might increase or decrease the house advantage are:

  • The dealer if hits on soft 17, it increases the house edge by about 0.22%
  • The player cannot double after splitting. It increases the house advantage to 0.14%
  • Surrendering against “A” early leads to the decrease of about 0.39%
  • Early surrender against a 10 decreases it to 0.24%

 A Word of Caution

 You must understand that you cannot win against the casino even if you are playing a game with the lowest house edge. At the same time, in order to lower this edge significantly in an online Blackjack game, ensure that you learn the rules of playing this game and play strategically. This will greatly enhance your winning chances.