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What makes the Auto Spin slot feature so cool?

Some gamblers say that the auto spin slot feature was dearly needed, and some are of the mind that the auto spin slot feature takes away the complete fun and thrill of playing mobile slots, but in reality, the auto spin slot feature has made playing the slots game very convenient. The auto play slot feature makes the slots game easy to play, convenient and faster by taking away the repetitive nature of the games and eliminating all that extra work that was earlier needed to be done for each round turn. Now, you don’t have to click on the spin button once a spin is complete and you can move on to the next spin as the machine automatically plays through the spins over and over again. 

What makes the Auto Spin slot feature so cool?

While making the whole process completely automatic, the auto spin feature also makes the game more interactive and enjoyable along with more and better opportunities to win a jackpot. Most of the first time casino visitors, head straight away for the slots game to try their hand. Most standard casino slot machines have three reels, but online casinos generally have 5 reels which gives more chances for an online player to win the game. With the auto spin feature, you just need to enter the number of spins for which you want to play and press the play button which will make the slots machine automatically continue spinning for the designated number of times. The number of spins can be as few as 5 or maybe even in thousands. 

What makes the Auto Spin slot feature so cool?

Slots machines are the easiest games to play, and the availability of Auto spin has made the game even more attractive and easy. First, you will have to enter the number of spins that you want to play for which of course depends on how much you want to spend on spinning as each spin will cost some amount. Once you enter the number of spins, you can also customize other things such as how much you want to play for, how many pay lines you want to play for or even stop the game if you reach your winning or losing threshold. Although the complete process is automatic, in case there is a bonus round you will have to do manual work to make your choices so that slots machine can continue its spins. Once everything is set, the machine will spin for the set number of times and while it is doing its work, you can check your phone or have something to eat or literally anything else. 

Some reasons why the auto spin slot feature has made the slots game even more popular than it already was are as under:

  • Autoplay feature saves your time – Not having to click the ‘Spin’ button every time a spin is complete saves a lot of time because the machine stops until the button is pressed. While, in the case of an auto spin feature, the machine will continue to spin, for the mentioned number of times and you don’t need to press the spin button every time, thus, saving a lot of effort and time on the way.
  • Convenience – The online slots game was one of the best things that could have happened for people who wanted to play a slot game but did not want to visit a casino. The addition of the auto spin feature to the slots game is like icing on a cake because now people can play the game without being a part of the process and be only concerned with the outcome of the game. You just need to start the game, set the number of spins and hit play; then you can literally move on to do anything else and then check your winnings at the end once the spins are complete.
  • Suitable for slots tournaments – The auto spin feature saves a lot of time and is best for holding slots tournaments at a large scale. While the winnings are huge, a larger number of people can play the machine in a given time span which earlier was not possible when the auto spin feature was not there.

The auto spin feature is a very innovative enhancement for the slots game, but it is an optional feature and those who don’t like it, do not have to play with the auto spin feature. They can wait for the entire spin to complete, click on the spin button every time and wait for the spin to complete and do this lengthy process for all the spins they want to do.