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Online vs Offline slots: Basic Features, Types and Bonus Rounds

Online vs Offline slots: Basic Features, Types and Bonus Rounds

Slots have become popular since the 1880s. In the earlier years, offline slots were the only type of slots available. After that, technological advancements put forth a kind of revolution in the form of iGaming. The industry eventually gave birth to online casinos, thereby introducing mobile slot. This in fact, helped the players to play slot within the comfort of their home or workplace. Earlier it was ladies who started playing slots, just for fun, when their husbands were busy at the table games. Now, this has got uplifted into a new level.

Many people are attracted to slots more than any other casino games. Some studies have stated that among the number of people engaging in casino or gambling online, 71% are engaged in slots than in other casino games.  So there is no doubt about the popularity of slots. The main question that arises now is, which of the online and offline slots is better?

Well, the answer for the above question can only be said through some analysis which is present in the following paragraphs.

Online vs Offline slots: Basic Features, Types and Bonus Rounds


Offline slots 

Almost  71% of gamblers opt for slots and slot machines these days. So this gives us hints of the long queue for playing slots. Land-based casinos often have limits in the number of slot machines, they have. So it clearly shows the disadvantage of finding slot machines already occupied inside a casino.

Online slots

Taking the case of online slots, a variety of themes are available. Since it has been developed in a virtual environment, the machine you play on is also virtual. So you don’t have to worry about not getting a slot machine-like in offline slots. Another difference over offline slots is that, despite entering the coin into the machine, you have to make an online payment.

Different types of slots

3 reel offline slots

These are slot machines with 3 spinning wheels. Depending on the machine and country, the 3 reels have fixed or progressive jackpots. This means that, when you win, the chance of winning big is high. This is an advantage that the offline slots offer over its online counterpart.

 3 reel online slots

This 3 reel slots was the first one to emerge online. Unlike the offline slots, this 3 reel online slots offer limited chances of winning big. But they offer a wide variety.

 5 reel offline slots

To make the gameplay more exciting, contemporary casinos have 5 spinning reels. Here it increases your chances of multiplying your pay off through bonuses, and they even offer a wide variety of themes. But some limitations do exist, based on the casinos you choose to play on.

5 reel online slots

When it comes to 5 reels, the online ones offer a bit more advantage than regular ones. They are even more attractive with animations and effects, increasing the player’s enthusiasm. That too, it allows the player to enjoy from wherever he wants to.


Offline slots

Offline slots are associated with big jackpots, thereby giving players a better chance for a bulk win, when they win. History of casinos has itself proven this particular fact.

Online slots

Many online slots focus on player enjoyment, so they have chances of winning small. Even though the amount is less, the chance of winning is somewhat the same. This does not mean that one cannot get a high win from online slots. But they even have a record of 13.2 million wins.

Structural differences

Offline slots

The offline casinos are fledged with rumours of loose slots, claiming to have a pay-out of 100%. But on an average casino do offer 90-95%, not as per the rumours state.

Online slots

The online slots are actually the derivations of their offline counterparts. So when it comes to the payout, they do not have many differences. The online casinos also give an average payout of about 90-95% to the player. 

After going through the odds and principles of online and offline slots, now it’s time to announce which one is better. Online slots have a slight edge over offline slots. Even though they both are filled with pros and cons, when it comes to gameplay, online slots are way ahead of the offline slots.