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What Makes Online Bingo Games Different from Bingo Halls?

For decades, the game of Bingo has had a loyal following and it is enjoyed by millions of gamblers across the globe. With the advent of high-speed internet, many players prefer to play Bingo and other casino games from the comfort of their home. Today, Bingo fans have a variety of options but to really understand the online Bingo industry, it’s important to understand how online Bingo differs from Bingo halls.

What Makes Online Bingo Games Different from Bingo Halls?

The setting of Bingo halls and online Bingo

Today, Bingo is played in major gambling venues across the world. Although it’s possible to play small games in major Bingo halls, they are often held in community centres and open-air venues.

The gaming floor, the cashier’s desk and the caller’s stage are the three elements that can be found in a traditional Bingo ball. If you take a look from the entertainment perspective, this type of gameplay cannot be replicated in the online casinos. The hundred of gamblers in land-based venues create a buzz that makes the game very interesting.

As it’s not possible to physically set the opposition on the internet, this kind of interaction is hard to reproduce in online venues. Although you can chat with your fellow players in online casinos, the main focus of online gameplay is on efficiency and speed. From making a deposit to buying Bingo tickets, playing Bingo online is a lot more efficient and convenient. You can also place bets on online Bingo from the comfort of your home or play mobile bingo game while standing in a queue.

The variety of games

You’ll definitely find the 75-ball Bingo and 90-ball Bingo game in a Bingo hall. Although traditional venues often host speed rounds in between their main games, these two variants will always be offered to you.

As some online casinos are owned and operated by land-based venues, 75-ball and 90-ball Bingo can also be found online. However, the world of online gambling is not confined by space, cost and staffing considerations and offers more options to gamblers around the world. Also, online Bingo players are more focused on the entertainment level that the game offers. Even if they want to spend their evening playing Bingo, they can play a new game every minute if the wish. The focus of online Bingo players on playing a typical Bingo game for a short span of time has given online casino operators the ability to offer smaller variants, including 30-ball and 90-ball Bingo.

Online Bingo sites offer a fast gameplay

What Makes Online Bingo Games Different from Bingo Halls?

As discussed earlier, online Bingo sites are created for speed while land-based venues offer engagement. The difference in expectations of gamblers while playing live and online has helped in creating a culture of speed in the online gambling world. Direct comparison between the online Bingo games and games offered in Bingo halls is difficult, but it is generally accepted that online Bingo is three times faster than regular Bingo. An experienced caller will call a number every 10 seconds in a land-based venue. On the other hand, an online Bingo player will put on a number every three seconds.

In addition, the rate of calls is consistent in an online venue as the game is controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG). 

Prizes and jackpots

Every Bingo hall offers its own variant games with varying prizes. But the common thing in all games is that the prize is a summation of the number of buy-ins collected. This means that whenever a guaranteed jackpot is not offered by the online or land-based venue, prizes can fluctuate wildly.

The national Bingo game is the biggest game offered in Bingo halls across the UK. Played on weekends, this game links players across the country through a telephone system. According to the rules of the game, the jackpot prize can reach as high as £250,000.

If you’ve played the online Bingo game, you might have experienced that the online venues offer a much higher jackpot. The progressive jackpot games attract various players across the globe. Basically, a commercial jackpot game takes a small amount of percentage of each gambler’s buy-in and adds it to the communal jackpot. For instance, if a game ticket costs £5, the operator may take 10% of this total and add it to the progressive jackpot. Thousands of gamblers add their buy-ins each hour to the jackpot and the amount often reaches millions of euros.