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Duties of a Pit Boss in a Casino

All are familiar with the game of cricket. The umpires in the middle observe the players and ensure that they are adhering to the rules and regulations of the game. The principal of a school will often walk through the verandas ensuring the teachers and children are engaged in the right manner with the system. A pit boss is a mix of both these.

Pit boss is generally the casino manager who walks through the casino floors. He walks amidst the tables, players and dealers, ensuring that everyone is spending their quality time in the casino adheres to the terms and conditions of the casino. A pit boss has many responsibilities along with him. And he requires some skills to carry out these specific responsibilities.

Duties of a Pit Boss in a Casino

Skills needed to be a pit boss

  • Early experience with the casino games. Either he has to be a regular casino goer or must have held some positions as the dealer at several game tables. This is required because the pit boss will be familiar with the rules and regulations of the games that are going on in the casino tables.
  • Should have a very wide knowledge of the types of casino games and the strategies that are used in them. He needs to be aware of both the legal as well as illegal aspects of the game.
  • A pit boss should be a good manager. This means he needs a dominating and powerful attitude, only then he can exercise control over people for a variety of circumstances.

Hence only people having the above qualities can be hired as a pit boss even if they do not possess any prior education or a bunch of degrees with them.

 As mentioned above, there are certain responsibilities for a pit boss to take over in the casino as the casino manager. It is not something that is just restricted to walking through the floors.

Duties of a Pit Boss in a Casino

  • They have to be in constant and direct contact with the dealers.
  • They should oversee all the pits and paperwork that is involved in all the games.
  • They have to cross-check the player rating sheets, table inventory sheets, table fill and credit slips.
  • They have to be dedicated to inspecting shift reports, MTL, CTR documents and other items that have banking regulations.
  • Pit boss has to deal with the disputes that emerge on tables sometimes among the players.
  • A pit boss’s word is the final one in the casino while dealing with disputes and errors.
  • Pit boss is also responsible for the paperwork jobs.
  • Pit boss also has to act as an alternate of an HR manager. This means that he needs to convey the management stands on several things to the players and dealers.
  • He should handle work schedules, leave days, vacation offs, supplementary allotments etc.
  • He should be in close vigil towards the card counting, cheating and scams. Even if there are supervisors to go with the combat options, he is the ultimate manager.
  • He has to give daily shift reports to shift managers because he is the one on board who is dealing with the casinos lively even by being in the midst of the tables.
  • They have to be accounted to take responsibilities for unresolved disputes and errors in the schedules.
  • They should regulate the perfect balance of play on all tables so that they can avoid the push and pull at a standard casino.

As far as the pay scale of a pit boss is concerned, they usually have a huge and fair pay. With the inclusion of multiple tasking, the need to be rewarded much to maintain their honesty and efficiency. Actually, they are paid greater than box men and floor supervisors. Because he does both in some means or the other.

Every entity depends greatly on the experience of the employee to get a huge annual turnover. It is similar in the case of a casino also. The experience of the pit boss has many things in the advantage of the casino. So while in the hunt for people to serve as a pit boss, casinos only fall for those who have subsequent and plenty of experience in the casino field. Experience is an indirect way of sighting out the enormous knowledge one has in a specific thing. This is the main reason why experience is everything everywhere.