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What are Cascading Reel Slots?

Even if you’re a card player, you can’t resist the urge to try some slot games from time to time. After all, casino mobile slots today have many reasons to be a player’s favourite. You can choose among multiple reels, hundreds of paylines, and many other profitable features like bonus rounds, coins, expanding wilds, free spin rounds, retriggering, RTP, scatter symbols, multiplier symbols, and winning ways. You can even play games with various themes such as movie slots, cartoon slots, wizard slots, and adventure slots. But there is one amazing feature that can give you multiple combinations in a single spin — cascading reels.

What are Cascading Reel Slots?

What are Cascading Reels In Wizard Slots?

If you’re a regular player, you know how a slot machine works. You’ll be looking at a layout with three or five reels, and every time you press the spin button, the reels, will, spin. Once they come to a stop, there’s either no combination formed and you have to make another spin or you get a winning combination and are given the matching reward.

In cascading reels, however, a new mechanic is introduced into the game. When you get lucky enough to make a winning combination, your reward is added to your account, but you can’t make another spin.

You’ll see that the elements that make up the winning combination start to loosen up from their spots on the screen. As if being affected by the gravity itself, they then fall off. Once they’re off the screen, they’re replaced by new elements. These new elements land from the top of the screen and settle into the newly vacated slots. For example, in a wizard slots game, the combination-forming gems will be replaced by new gems.

But the madness doesn’t stop here. If the new elements form another winning combination, you’ll again get a reward and these elements will fall off the screen too. This cycle continues indefinitely until the new elements don’t make any winning combination.

How do Cascading Reels Benefit You?

  • Bigger rewards – In a standard reel, you’ll only get one combination in one spin. But in a wizard slots game having cascading reels, as more combinations form one after the other, you may get an unlimited number of combinations and spins with just a spin.
  • More excitement – When one combination is completed, the excitement is high enough. But when the elements start to fall off, you’ll feel anticipation building up. As the new gems fall into place in wizard slots, you’ll hold your breath waiting to see if there’s another combination that forms.
  • Boosted bonuses – You’ll not only get multiplier trails for hitting consecutive spins, but your prize multiplier will also be increased after every spin. Cascading reels also allow you to trigger free spins and bonuses by landing scatters.Cascading reels are a feature that incurs no loss and makes for good profits if you’re lucky. Thus, they’re a feature you should look out for when choosing an online slot.

Are Cascading Reels Worth it?

Cascading reels are a feature that incurs no loss and makes for good profits if you’re lucky. Thus, they’re a feature you should look out for when choosing an online slot.