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What Makes Mystery Symbol Slots Unique?

As slots went from those cranky, noisy machines that used to be clustered on casino floors to fun, thrilling online casino games, slot players are excited for what the future may hold. But not all developments have been straightforward and simple. Today, you can find many odd features in adventure slots, secret slots, and other mobile slot games that can be anything from confusing to baffling. Among them stands the feature whose name elicits the emotion suggested by it’s meaning — mystery symbol.

Mystery Symbol Slots


What is a Mystery Symbol in Secret Slots?

You know that a slot game requires you to take a spin by staking your coins or tokens to set the slot in action. Then, several symbols on the reels of the casino roll along with each other and stop after a fixed amount of time.

When the reels come to a stop, the relative position of the symbols determines whether the player has won or lost. Symbols that match from left to right are counted as wins, and the more the symbols that match, the bigger the win.

A mystery symbol is a symbol that shows up on the reels at any time and changes into other symbols when required. These symbols have a distinct appearance and you’ll instantly recognise them when you see one. Mystery symbols may either appear in singles or, in some cases, as columns that expand over the entire reel.

When a mystery symbol appears on one of the reels, it transforms into a winning symbol, but this may not happen all the time. You’ll come across these symbols on normal spins, but you may also see them during bonus rounds. Additionally, they can appear in a specially enhanced gaming session that is only triggered during a winning spin.

Mystery Symbol In Action

Suppose you’re playing a secret slots game that features the mystery symbol. Your spin results in some candies on the screen. As the secret slots game progresses, you see that one of the lines has three candies on it, which normally pays 5 credits. But the candy turns out to be the mystery symbol. Instantly, all the candy symbols turn into higher-paying diamond symbols that, according to the secret slots game, are more valuable. The winning line now features three gems and pays 50 credits.

When a mystery symbol transforms into a winning symbol on the line, your wins also get multiplied. Thus, it has the potential to pay big wins without having to trigger the bonus round. Bonus features like the mystery symbol attract a lot of slot players to games that have them, and it’s not difficult to see why.