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Have you Heard About The World’s Most Unusual Casinos?

Casinos have come a long way from simple brick-and-mortar casinos that only consisted of table games to themed casinos. There are quite a few types of casinos known to the current world. Live casino, online casino sites, casino hotels, simple land-based casinos and themed casinos are some of the most popular types. Apart from these, just like the in numerous unique online casino sites present on the internet, there are several land casinos throughout the world that are unique and unusual in their style. So, if you are bored with the regular casinos, you can check out these eccentric set of casinos.

Have you Heard About The World’s Most Unusual Casinos?

Here is the list of some of the most unusual casinos from around the world that are sure to atwitter you with their unique and extraordinary elements.

Bally’s – One of the Haunted Casino Sites

Since this list is about the most unusual casino sites in the world, the first in the list is based on one of the most unusual happenings in the world.

This Las Vegas Casino which is also a landmark for the city-goers is called to be haunted. There have been reports of ghost sightings in the stairways and hallways. The ghost appearances owe back to the hotel it was previously known as, MGM Grand Hotel. Many people died in the unfortunate raging fire that came to be known as MGM Grand fire. Since then, the hotel has been said to be haunted.

Desert Cave – The Underground Casino

Desert Cave Casino is situated in the latitudes of Australia. What makes this casino unique is that this casino never sees the light of the sun. The casino is built in an underground cave in the middle of the Australian desert. This casino was built so to avoid the over-heating temperatures in the desert. Most parts of the casino suits are below ground level with no windows. It can be a unique experience of playing your new casino games under a cave.

Trump Taj Mahal – The Walkway Casino

Why this casino makes it to the list of unusual casino sites might come as a surprise. The casino is one of the most lavish-looking casinos in the Atlantic City, but the property is dead and barely anyone visits the casino. What makes the casino unique is that the casino is connected to another casino with the name Resorts Casino Hotel by a walkway. But where on one side the Resorts Casino is full of energy, the Trump is left stranded on the other end.

Grosvenor – Casino in a Taxi

As eccentric as it may sound, the Grosvenor Casino of Birmingham, launched a campaign to promote their casino. This campaign was about delivering casino at the doorsteps by the means of a black cab. This unique idea of promotion also made it one of the most unique casinos the world had ever seen. It comprised of a gaming table, a dealer, a TV screen, online gambling option and a bar, all packed in a standard black cab.

Worth a Try?

Casino sites can be indefinite in their designs and themes. Unusual situations and designs of a casino can be exciting for any adventure seeker. So, if you love going through eccentric vibes, these casinos are just the place for you.