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The Uniqueness of Scatter Symbols in Slots

A few decades ago when you played on slot machines, all you had to do was pull the lever and wait for the reels to stop. Today, when you play an mobile slot game, you’ll come across some very confusing features. There may be reels that rotate in all kinds of directions, there may be wild symbols that appear randomly but leave the screen in many ways, and there may even be symbols that take more than one space on the reels. So, if you don’t want to be confused half the time you’re playing scatter slot games, you should know about one of the most common slot features today — scatter symbols.

Scatter Symbols In Slots

What are Scatter Symbols In Scatter Slot Games?

If you’ve ever played a slot game, you know that symbols need to line up on the payline for you to win. You spin the wheels, and when they stop, you need to form any of the winning combinations. There are, of course, a variety of bonus games and free spins available that increase your chances of getting a win. These bonus features vary from game to game as some providers offer their players a tiny multiplier while others may include a full-fledged mini-game.

But how do you unlock these bonus features? A scatter symbol is your answer. It is linked to an important function that is part of the scatter slot games. When three or more scatter symbols land on the screen, you are paid directly. At that time, the payout gets boosted depending on the number of scatters you land. Note that a scatter payout multiplies the total bet and not just the payline bet. So, if you’re playing a game which has scatters, it’s better to play all or most paylines for larger scatter payouts.

However, it’s also crucial that you carefully read the payout table of scatter slot games before starting. If you’re aware of the payout structure and how the scatter symbol will pay, you’ll be much more excited when one appears.

How do Scatter Symbols Work?

When the first scatter symbols appeared in scatter slot games, they were designed as red cherries. At the time, a win was only constituted when similar symbols lined up on all or most of the reels on the pay-line. However, double cherries used to pay out regardless of where or how they appeared. The more the scatter symbols on the reels, the more the winnings.

You’ll find that the same pattern continues to this day. But scatters do many more things than what they used to do back in the day, and they trigger much bigger payouts, making them the most sought-after slot features around the world.